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In North Korea, people copied the look of leather coat, then dictator Kim Jong Un got angry, banned in the country

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un

North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un is angry with people copying his leather coat in the country. Many people in North Korea are wearing leather coats. Because of this, Kim is very disappointed. This is the reason that now something has been done in North Korea, which is surprising for the rest of the world. Actually, North Korea has banned the wearing of imitation of this favorite leather coat of Kim Jong Un (North Korea ban Leather Coat). Kim Jong Un wore this leather coat for the first time in the year 2019.

After seeing this dress of Kim, the upper class people of North Korea started wearing an imitation of this coat to show their allegiance to the dictator. North Korea recently deployed the Fashion Police to shut down shops selling such leather coats. Not only this, people are also being prevented from wearing this coat. He fears that wearing such a coat of all people will reduce the strength of Kim Jong Un. A source told Radio Free Asia, ‘Police say it is a wrong trend to dress like him to challenge the authority of the country’s top leader.’

Instructing people not to wear leather coats

According to media reports, the police have instructed North Koreans not to wear leather coats as it is part of the party’s guidelines on who can and cannot wear it. At the same time, shopkeepers say that since the start of informal trade between China and North Korea in September, more such fake coats have started coming. Because of this, traders started ordering fake leather. It is through this that the coat is being prepared. Traders from North Korea have also ordered this leather. However, now there may be a decline in it.

Kim wore a leather coat for the first time during his meeting with Trump

Kim Jong Un was first seen in this coat in December 2019. During this, he was discussing North Korea’s nuclear stockpile with Donald Trump. This look of Kim was discussed a lot in the media of South Korea. It was believed that Kim had broken the old practice and now he is starting to make his mark. Earlier, he used to wear Mao style jacket like his father and grandfather. Leather coats were worn in North Korea from 2000 onwards. Due to its popularity among the people, there are South Korean films, which are illegally watched in North Korea.

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