A horrific accident in Nepal, a bus full of passengers slipped off the road and fell into the river, 32 people died

नेपाल में भीषण हादसा, सड़क से फिसलकर नदी में गिरी यात्रियों से भरी बस, 32 लोगों की मौत

bus accident in nepal

A horrific road accident took place on Tuesday in Mugu district of Nepal. A passenger bus going from Mugu district to Gamgadhi slipped from the road and fell into the river 300 meters below. It has been told in media reports that 32 people died in this road accident, while many people were injured. According to the report of MyRepublica website, while traveling from Nepalgunj to Gamgarhi, the bus fell into the Pina Jhyari river in Chhayanath Rara Municipality.

The report said, ‘The latest death toll in the accident is 32. The picture of the number of injured is also becoming clear. Due to this the number of injured is increasing. Most of the passengers on the bus were returning to their homes from different places on the occasion of Vijayadashami festival. Nepal Army chopper has been dispatched from Surkhet for relief work. Mugu is famous for the Rara lake located 650 km north-west of Kathmandu. Because of this, tourists have also been reaching here.

Injured admitted to Kohalpur Medical College

Nepalgunj Airport Security Guard in-charge Santosh Shah said that 10 people suffered serious head injuries. These people were taken to Kohalpur Medical College and five others were sent to a nursing home in Nepalgunj for treatment. Earlier, on Monday, eight occupants of a jeep fell down 100 meters from a high altitude trekking spot in Nepal’s Kasky district, killing them on the spot. Official sources gave this information.

Vehicle fell 100 meters from the hill

The accident took place when the vehicle was about to complete its 40 km long journey from Pokhara town to Ghandruk, 200 km west of capital Kathmandu, when the driver lost control in the Kalabhir area and the vehicle fell 100 meters from the hill, officials said. fallen. In this accident, eight passengers including the driver died on the spot, while one person sustained minor injuries, who was admitted to the local hospital. Ghandruk is a famous trekking spot situated at an altitude of about 2012 meters. All the youths in the car were on a trekking expedition, which was about to start from Ghandruk.

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