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Submarine INS Vela joined the Navy, has been prepared under Make in India

INS Vela is an indigenous submarine, which has been built under Make in India.

In order to rapidly and strengthen the country’s all-round security, India is constantly engaged in the construction of destroyer warships and submarines. In this episode, to strengthen its maritime borders, the Indian Navy (Indian Navy) Will add 6 new submarines to its fleet, out of which three submarines have already been inducted and the fourth submarine Vela joined today.

With the induction of the new submarine in the Navy, India’s strength has increased manifold. After all, what are the merits of this submarine and why are the enemy countries scared of its threat in the sea, see in this special report of ours. Another sea fighter who raised the pride and glory of the Indian Navy. Name INS Vela. This name is enough to say. The meaning of the name of this killer submarine is nothing less than a deadly sting for the enemies.

This Clavery class submarine joined the Navy today. Indian Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh handed it over to the Navy through a commissioning ceremony. This is the same submarine which is called silent killer. Such a killer who does not even let the enemy know about his death. The strength of the Indian Navy will increase with the submarine Vela. Submarine Vela will play an important role in maritime security.

Indigenous submarine INS Vela

INS Vela is an indigenous submarine, which has been built under Make in India. After INS Kalvari, Khanderi and INS Karanj, INS Vela is being seen as a major success of the Make in India campaign. It is equipped with modern machinery and technology as well as lethal weapons. It is capable of attacking with torpedoes and antiship missiles with the ability to attack from underwater.

Submarine Vela can also lay mines

It has 6 torpedo tubes, out of which 18 torpedoes can be fired at a time. Submarine Vela can also lay mines. It is also capable of evading radar. Equipped with hi-tech sensor and communication facility. Not only this, it can stay under water for 50 days and can travel 12 thousand kilometers at a time. This submarine is the power of India, but the question of why it was named Vela is surprising even the enemies. Now let us also tell you about the naming of INS Vela.

Vela is a type of Indian fish, which comes in the sting-ray family. This fish is one of the dangerous predators of the sea. Its sting is enough to eliminate any enemy in one stroke. Sting-ray fish are known all over the world for their agility, lethal attack, defense and aggressiveness. INS Vela is also equipped with all these features and that is why it is also being called the silent killer. Due to its presence in the sea, the Dragon’s capture strategy in the Indian Ocean will be completely thwarted.

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