Senior forest officer was demanding bribe from his own junior for government work, climbed into the hands of ACB

सरकारी काम के लिए अपने ही जूनियर से रिश्वत मांग रहा था सीनियर फॉरेस्ट अधिकारी, चढ़ा ACB के हत्थे

Anti-Corruption Bureau team arrested the accused in Thane (symbolic photo)

Mumbai: The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) on Monday arrested an Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF) attached to the Thane range for allegedly demanding and accepting a bribe of Rs 5.30 lakh from a junior officer. There was a demand of 5 percent for the officer’s work.

The ACB said that it has also found a large amount of cash and several bottles of liquor from the drawer of arrested officer Baliram Kolekar. The complainant in the case was a junior officer of the Forest Department from whom Kolekar had demanded money. An official said that the complainant was to get the grant and Kolekar had asked for 5% of the amount to complete the necessary formalities as a senior.

Had to distribute bribe money with other people too

According to the complaint, Kolekar claimed that the money was to be shared with some other people as well. Since the junior forest officer did not want to pay, he lodged a complaint against Kolekar with ACB director general Rajnish Seth a month and a half ago.

Caught red handed taking bribe of Rs 5.30 lakh

After this, Seth asked the Mumbai ACB team to investigate the complaint. Based on the directions of the DG, the Mumbai ACB unit coordinated with the complainant and asked him to continue the dialogue with Kolekar. The complainant then told Kolekar that he was ready to pay the bribe after which they met on Monday where he paid Rs 5.30 lakh to the accused and the ACB caught him red handed. The ACB team nabbed the accused in Thane, while the operation was started by the Mumbai unit of ACB.

A few months back also, ACB officials had arrested a Class II Income Tax officer for accepting a bribe of Rs 10 lakh. In fact, the Income Tax Officer had come to raid against the complainant in a pending income tax return case of the year 2012. The officer had taken a bribe of Rs 10 lakh for not taking any punitive action.

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