Rajasthan: On the birthday of Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara, mocking the Corona guidelines, was seen cutting a tricolor cake without a mask.

Rajasthan: शिक्षा मंत्री गोविंद सिंह डोटासरा के जन्मदिन पर कोरोना गाइडलाइंस का उड़ा मजाक, बिना मास्क के तिरंगे के रंग का केक काटते नजर आए

Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara cutting a tricolor cake without a mask.

After Punjab, the discussion of cabinet expansion and changing the President of the State Congress Committee is in full swing in Rajasthan, so the present ministers and the leaders of the Sachin Pilot camp are also showing political power by mobilizing a crowd of supporters on their birthdays. Is. Recently, in the capital Jaipur, the President of the State Congress Committee and the Education Minister of Rajasthan, Govind Singh Dotasara, whose birthday was fiercely seen flouting the rules of social distance. By order, orders have come in the state to open classes till 5th by keeping them in the corona guidelines. That minister himself was seen without a mask in a crowd of thousands on his birthday.

In fact, this entire program is being linked to the performance of the State Education Minister Govind Singh Dotsara. At the same time, a few days ago, even on the birthday of former Deputy CM of Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot, his supporters from all over the state came to the capital Jaipur in large numbers. However, due to the large crowd in that program, the distance of social distancing could not be maintained. But during the entire program, Sachin Pilot himself had put on a mask.

Neither mask nor social distancing on the birthday of education minister

It is worth noting that on Saturday, CM Ashok Gehlot also organized a government event at his residence. Most of the people there, including the Chief Minister, had put on masks. In this way, in the past, the Health Minister had demonstrated power on his birthday. Even during this time, the rules of social distance were mocked. In such a situation, people had raised questions on the health minister on social media. If he himself does this, what message will be sent to the public? At the same time, people are raising questions on Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara on social media that when the Education Minister of a state is seen without a mask, then how will he teach the children to wear a mask.

3 times MLA

Let us tell you that Govind Singh Dotasara is the MLA from Lakshmangarh in Sikar district. Dotasara has been working for the Congress since 1981. After completing his graduation, he has also studied law. In 2005, Dotasara contested the first par panchayat election. He remained the head and is now an MLA for the third time. It is worth noting that in view of the possible third wave of corona, all the state governments of the country have issued guidelines for keeping social distance and other rules including applying masks to the children in the school.

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