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NewsNCR EXCLUSIVE: ISIS’s ‘man-bomb’ maker who changed the list of “Most Wanted” of Indian agencies overnight

Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar alias Abu Osman Al-Kashmiri

Immediately after the establishment of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, Indian intelligence and security agencies have made major changes in their list of ‘Most Wanted’. As part of this important change, our agencies have, for a short time, dropped the name of infamous underworld don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar in the ‘Most-Wanted’ list by a notch. All this and the most shocking changes happened overnight as soon as the Taliban rule was established in Afghanistan.

Now the new “Most Wanted” of Indian agencies that has come out is 58-60 year old Aijaz Ahmed Ahangar alias Abu Usman Al-Kashmiri (Aijaz Ahmad Ahangar alias Abu Usman Al-Kashmiri 58-60). Ejaz Ahmed is Kashmiri by origin. According to the Indian Army and intelligence agencies, “Ejaz Ahmed, despite being Indian in origin, the biggest traitor (enemy) is also from India. He lived on the mercy of Pakistan, Bangladesh for a long time. Later he made Afghanistan his place of work.

India in trouble due to the move of Talibani rule

As soon as the elected government there in Afghanistan was destroyed. The beginning of the Taliban regime and the departure of the American army from there. A few days later, this “Most Wanted” International Terrorist of India was released from prison in Afghanistan. Indian agencies have also termed Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar alias Abu Usman al-Kashmiri as a “family-terrorist”. A high official of the country’s largest investigative agency posted in the Kashmir Valley for a long time, on condition of anonymity. “NewsNCR” Made many revelations.

For example, “Ejaz was active in the Kashmir Valley in the 1990s. During that time, he was also kept in jails of Kashmir several times for a few months. After his release from Kashmiri jail in 1996, he suddenly disappeared. Since then, news about him is coming through filtering. But no agency in India has seen his face. Because after his disappearance from the Kashmir Valley in 1996, his position grew very high overnight in the world of terrorism. He reached Pakistan via Bangladesh. There he was joined by the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI in its camp.

There was no looking back after leaving India

According to the same former officer, “It is a different matter that due to his high ambitions, he (Ahangar) also got away from ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) after taking terrorist training for a few days. If Indian intelligence agencies are to be believed, “After 1996, the name of Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar came to the fore when his trend man-bombs attacked a Sikh religious site in Afghanistan. 25 innocent people were killed in that blast. That incident happened on 25 March 2020. The names of Islamic State for Khurasan Province (ISKP) and its allied terrorist organizations came to the fore in that man-bomb (fidayeen) attack on the Gurudwara in Kabul.

In the investigation, it was found that the fidayeen i.e. human-bombs, who carried out the incident of that attack on the Gurudwara, were prepared by the same Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar. Later, three terrorists of Pakistani-Bangladesh origin Aslam Farooqi Maulvi Abdullah, Tanveer Ahmed and Ali Mohammad, a resident of Islamabad Pakistan, were arrested on charges of that attack. All of them also took the name of Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar. The interrogation of those arrested terrorists revealed that terrorist Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar is not dead yet alive.

“Human Bomb” Maker Moving Human Machine

During interrogation in Afghanistan, then terrorist Ali Mohammad had confessed that, “The mastermind of preparing fidayin (human-bomb) in a dangerous terrorist organization like Khorasan is the only one Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar. He inspires-trains the terrorists of Khorasan for destruction. The role of Ahangar remains prominent in the recruitment of any new terrorist in Khorasan. The ‘Kundli’ of Ahangar with the Indian intelligence and military intelligence agencies also proves that Ahangar is not the only one but the family enemy of India.

Ijaz Ahmed Ahangar’s father-in-law, Abdullah Ghazali alias Abdul Ghani Dar, was also a dreaded terrorist of the Kashmir Valley. In the early 1990s, Abdul Ghani Dar was also the commander of dangerous terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Tehreek-ul-Mujahideen in the Kashmir Valley. Ghazali was so impressed with Ahangar that he later married his daughter Rukhsana to Ejaz Ahangar.

From Kashmir to Pakistan-Afghanistan

In those days, the family (in-laws) of Ahangar’s father-in-law Abdullah Ghazali lived in the Nawa Kadal area of ​​Srinagar city of Kashmir Valley. As soon as he was released from the jail in Kashmir Valley in 1996, Ahangar went into hiding in Islamabad (Pakistan) along with the family. In 2008, Ahangar married a girl named Ayesha, a resident of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Indian intelligence and investigative agencies want to control Ahangar as soon as possible so that he does not come out of the prisons of Afghanistan and play in the hands of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI in any way.

According to a former officer of the Indian Intelligence Agency, who has been posted in the Kashmir Valley for a long time, “The speed with which Afghanistan and Pakistan have come close to each other during the changed situation in recent times (during or after the establishment of Taliban rule) In this Surat-e-Hal, Ajaz Ahmed Ahangar’s safe return to the ISI will prove to be dangerous for India in any case. Because now the thinking and mind of today’s Ahangar is not limited only to Kashmiri terrorists.

Now Ahangar will not look back because

If the same former officer is to be believed, “Today he (Ahangar) has returned from terrorists like Khorasan, ISIS and Al-Qaeda living in the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world. It is not that Indian agencies will be far away from Ahangar. The success of our agencies (Hindustani agencies) will be considered but only if they (Ajaz Ahmed Ahangar) control it without taking any loss in time. Whatever time he is getting, it is fatal for us and beneficial for him.”

Upon checking the horoscope, it is revealed that Ahangar’s son Abdullah Umais was killed a few years ago in a battle in Nangarhar, Afghanistan. Ejaz Ahangar’s son-in-law (daughter’s husband) Huzafa-al-Bakistan was also at the top post in the Islamic State for Khurasan Province (ISKP). In the world’s largest terrorist organization like ISKP, its responsibility was to recruit terrorists ‘online’.

Later he moved to the world’s largest terrorist organization like Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). ISIS appointed him as the ‘Chief Terrorist Selector’ in the Jammu and Kashmir Valley. On 18 July 2019, a US drone surrounded and killed in Afghanistan (Nangarhar Province). As far as Ejaz Ahmed Ahangar is concerned, he has also been kept in the Pul-e-Charkhi jail in Afghanistan (Kabul) for many years.

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