Delhi: 39 new cases of corona in Delhi, it is a matter of relief that there is not a single death due to infection for the fifth consecutive day.

Coronavirus in UP: 40 जिलों हुए कोरोना फ्री, 16 में सिर्फ एक-एक मरीज बाकी, प्रदेश में कुल 145 एक्टिव केस

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There has been a decrease in new corona cases in Delhi as compared to Thursday. In the last twenty four hours, 39 new cases of infection have been reported. While 44 cases were registered on Thursday. With 39 new cases in Delhi, 23 people have been cured of the infection. It is a matter of relief that for the fifth consecutive day, not a single patient died due to corona (No Death In 24 Hours). So far in the month of October, only one patient has died due to infection.

There are a total of 399 active cases of corona in Delhi. At the same time, 14,13,649 people have won the battle with the infection so far. So far, 25,088 people have died due to the first wave of corona in the capital. Due to the continuous vaccination, the situation of corona infection is currently under control. For the last 76 days, the daily cases of infection have remained below 100. The infection rate is also stable.

39 new cases of corona in Delhi

‘Heard immunity against Corona in Delhi’

There is also a decrease in the cases of death this month as compared to the last two months. Experts say that Herd Immunity has been formed against Corona in Delhi. Due to this the spread of the virus has stopped. In view of the continuously decreasing cases, the possibility of a third wave of corona in the capital is also less. Dr. Jugal Kishore, chairman of the Department of Medicine, Safdarjung Hospital, says that about 80 percent of the population in Delhi has been infected with corona. Due to this, herd immunity has become in people.

‘Need more vigilance in festive dress’

The doctor said that vaccination is taking place at a record level and about 65 per cent of the eligible population has received the first dose of the vaccine. No new strain of corona has come. In view of these circumstances, it can be said that the scope of corona in Delhi will no longer increase and the possibility of the third wave coming will also be very less. The doctor says that the situation of corona is currently under control. There is a need to be more careful in festive dress.

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