Before sowing mustard, definitely pay attention to the advice of scientists, know which are the good varieties

खाने-कमाने दोनों के लिए बेहतरीन है सरसों की यह प्रजाति, खासियत जानेंगे तो जरूर करेंगे बुवाई

The time has come for sowing mustard. (Photo- Om Prakash)

If you are a farmer and want to do mustard farming considering the good price last year, then this is the best time for you. Scientists of Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) Pusa have said that farmers can sow mustard keeping the temperature in mind. After soil test, if there is a shortage of sulfur, then apply at the rate of 20 kg per hectare on the last plowing. Be sure to take care of proper moisture in the soil before sowing.

According to agricultural scientists, the improved varieties of mustard are Pusa Vijay, Pusa Sarson-29, Pusa Sarson-30 and Pusa Sarson-31. Before sowing, make sure to check the moisture level in the field so that germination is not affected. Before sowing, treat the seeds with Captan @ 2.5 gm/kg of seed. Sowing in rows is more beneficial. Sow less spreading varieties by 30 cm and more spreading varieties in rows with spacing of 45-50 cm. Make the distance from plant to plant 12-15 cm by sparring.

Sowing carrots by machine is beneficial

In this season, farmers can sow carrots on the bunds. Be sure to take care of proper moisture in the soil before sowing. Pusa Rudhira is its improved variety. If sowing conventionally, then 4.0 kg seed will be applied per acre. But if you do sowing by machine then only 1.0 kg per acre seed will be required. Due to which saving of seeds and quality of the product will also be good. Before sowing, treat the seed at the rate of 2 grams per kilogram of seed. Make sure to apply indigenous manure, potash and phosphorus fertilizers in the field.

good time for sowing peas

According to agricultural scientists, farmers can sow peas in this season. Be sure to take care of proper moisture in the soil before sowing. Improved varieties include Pusa Pragati. Treat the seeds with fungicide Captan @ 2.0 g per kg of seed. After that make sure to vaccinate the crop specific Rhizobium. Boil the jaggery in water and cool it and after treating it with the seeds of Rhizobium, keep it in a shady place to dry. Sow the next day.

It’s time to sow gram

Keeping the temperature in mind, farmers can sow gram this week. Be sure to take care of proper moisture in the soil before sowing. Sowing should be done in rows 30–35 cm apart. The major Kabuli varieties are Pusa 267, Pusa 1003 and Pusa Miracle (BG 1053). While there are indigenous varieties – C 235, Pusa 246, PBG-1 and Pusa 372. Before sowing, the seeds must be treated with Rhizobium and PSB inoculations (cultures).

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