1100 years old Maa Mahamaya Temple is located in Gumla district, know what is the story behind its establishment

गुमला जिले में स्थित है 1100 साल पुराना मां महामाया मंदिर, जानें क्या है इसकी स्थापना के पीछे की कहानी

1100 years old Maa Mahamaya Temple is located in Gumla district, know what is the story behind its establishment (Photo: Social Media)

The history of Mahamaya temple located in Gumla district of Jharkhand is 11 hundred years old. The faith of Hindus is attached to this temple. Located in Hapamuni village of Ghaghra block, 26 km from Gumla district headquarter, this temple was established in Vikram Samvat 965 (1100 years ago today. Many types of fables are famous about the temple. The specialty of this temple is that Maa Mahamaya It is kept locked in the box even today.

Can’t see idol with open eyes

It is a belief about Maa Mahamaya temple that the idol of the mother cannot be seen here with open eyes. Therefore, as a symbol, another idol has also been installed here where people worship. Every Dal Dol Jatra (fair) is organized here on Chaitra Krishna Paksha Pariba. At that time the Manjusha (box) is kept on the platform outside the temple. After this the chief priest of the temple performs the puja. However, at that time the priest worships Mahamaya Maa by tying a blindfold in her eyes. Please tell that the chief priest of the temple conducts worship here on special occasions.

History is related to Larka movement

It is said that the history of this temple is related to the Larka movement. Village elders tell that when Barju Ram of Hapamuni village was worshiping mother Mahamaya in the temple, outsiders attacked here and killed Barju Ram’s wife and child. Barju’s aide Radho Ram informs Barju that his wife and child have been murdered.

Radho Ram’s head was severed from the torso

After hearing this, Radho Ram attacked the invaders with the power of Maa Mahamaya. Then at that time Mahamaya appeared and told Radho Ram that you can fight all alone but if you look back then your head will be severed from the body. With the grace of the mother, Radho Ram started dominating the invaders with his sword, but as soon as Radho Ram looked back, his head was severed from the body. The place where Radho Ram used to sit and worship at that place is still the place where both of them have a tomb. The main temple is still made of Khapra. The idols of various deities are installed in the temple. This temple is also considered to be a Tantric Peeth.

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