Oxidized jewelery has increased craze among girls, you can carry it like this with outfits like this!

गर्ल्स के बीच ऑक्सिडाइज्ड जूलरी का बढ़ा क्रेज, आप इस तरह ऑउटफिट्स के साथ इस तरह कर सकती हैं कैरी !

Oxidized jewelery is a new age jewelery made from sterling silver. Oxidized jewelery can be easily carried from Indian outfits to western outfits.

oxidized jewelery

There was a time when there was a craze among girls to wear gold or diamond jewelery, but in today’s time everyone likes to wear artificial jewelery according to the dress. These days there is a lot of craze among girls for oxidised jewelery. This jewelery is made from sterling silver. Because of this, it neither shines much nor does it feel too dull. Its color remains intact for a long time.

The look of this new age jewelery is similar to the traditional jewellery. But it can be easily carried with Indian to Western outfits. The special thing about oxidized jewelery is that you do not need to worry too much for its maintenance. Know here different ways to carry it.

1. If you are wearing a kurti or salwar suit, then you can easily carry oxidized jewellery. Its jhumkis can be worn with anything, from neckpieces to bangles. The special thing about this jewelery is that you can get a stylish look by wearing it with a simple kurti.

2. If you are trying western dress then you should wear a neckpiece with big pendant with it. It makes your look more graceful. Oxidized bracelets and rings are also available in the market nowadays. You can carry them too.

3. If you are wearing a traditional dress in Rajasthani style, then you can get a traditional look by wearing oxidized choker neckwear, mangtika, rings and bangles. Apart from this, even if you are wearing a saree, an oxidized neckpiece and jhumkis are enough to make your look look gorgeous.

4. Oxidized jewelery goes well with jeans too. You can get the perfect look by wearing oxidized earrings, neckpiece etc. with jeans top and jeans kurti. This look is being liked a lot among college going girls.

5. Oxidized earrings and earrings look very beautiful with the gown. If you look, you will find many actresses carrying such a look. Apart from this, oxidized anklets and toring also look very beautiful. You can carry it too.

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