Neena Gupta spoke openly on Happy Marriage, said – once gave advice to a friend to leave her husband

नीना गुप्ता ने हैप्पी मैरिज पर की खुलकर बात, कहा- एक बार दोस्त को दे डाली थी पति को छोड़ देने की सलाह

Neena Gupta on Happy Marriage

Neena Gupta is known for her superb acting. He has made his own identity in the last few years. Neena married Vivek Mehra. He has said that he does not know the meaning of happy marriage as he has always seen compromises in every marriage around him.

Neena told in an interview that I have never seen a happy marriage near me. So I don’t know about it. This has always been seen from compromise as well. I don’t have the answer to this question. Every person should make his own choice according to what he wants in his life.

Gave this advice to a friend

Recalling an incident, Neena told that she had advised one of her friends to separate from her husband but her friend refused. Neena said that she is not in a position to give people a successful marriage. be able to advise.

Nina told that I told my friend, man, if your husband does such a thing, then do not leave him. He told me why should I leave. I will lose this and that. She said that her husband helped her when she was nothing. I felt sensible what he told me. But everyone is different so I can’t tell you. Should do so. If your marriage is like this then you should do this.

Neena said that I do not know how a marriage works nor can I give any advice on this.

Let us tell you that Neena Gupta released her autobiography this year to be honest. In this book, he has mentioned his first marriage which did not last even a year. He has told that things did not work out between them because he wanted me to settle down and focus on family but I did not want to be a regular housewife.

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