Despite being in a long distance relationship with her husband, this actress is successfully carrying out the marriage, can get entry in Bigg Boss 15

पति के साथ लॉन्ग डिस्टेंस रिलेशनशिप में होकर भी सफलता से शादी को निभा रही हैं ये एक्ट्रेस, बिग बॉस 15 में मिल सकती है एंट्री

actress neha marda fulfilling duty of lovely wife even after being in long distance relationship soon will be seen in bigg boss 15

While Neha (Actress Neha Marda) is handling her real-life relationship brilliantly, her character Shubhra in ‘Kyun Rishto Mein Katti Batti’ is facing difficulties in her personal life.

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Zee TV’s primetime show ‘Kyon Rishton Mein Katti Batti’ is the story of the innocent world of two lovely kids (Rishi and Roli) who seek to restore the love lost between their parents and complete their ‘Happy Family’. Let’s try to do together. Both are busy filling the rift between their parents, Shubhra (Neha Marda) and Kuldeep (Sidhant Veer Suryavanshi). In this show, Neha has won millions of hearts by playing the character of a strong woman who is facing difficulties in her marriage.

Neha is also married in real life and due to the ongoing shooting in Mumbai, she has to stay away from her husband. But facing these challenges of life, Neha is successfully running her household and perhaps this actress may soon be seen in Bigg Boss 15’s house as well. Let us tell you, Neha Marda has been a part of the entertainment industry for the last 17 years. They got married early, but they never gave up on their dreams and ambitions either.

There is in-laws in Patna

Neha may have been married to a businessman from Patna, but she continued her work in Mumbai and is currently living in a long distance marriage. Neha Marda discussed this openly and spoke about the struggle of being in a long distance relationship. She also told how eager she is to meet her husband. Being a daily soap actress, it often becomes difficult to strike a balance between your professional and long distance marriage. There are times when they are not able to live together, but still they have made a healthy and strong relationship of their own.

It’s time to meet each other

Talking about their long distance marriage, Neha Marda said, “I always look forward to meeting my husband and I am really excited to meet him. Whenever I get a vacation, we make plans to meet. I still remember, soon after my marriage I got a show called ‘Doli Armaan Ki’ and I was shooting for it in Mumbai. Every month I used to come to Patna for 6-7 days and whenever I got a break, we used to be together. Whenever it was possible, Ayushman also used to come to Mumbai to meet me. The desire to meet each other and spend time together has made our relationship stronger.

Long distance marriage is going well

The foundation of our relationship is that our long distance marriage is going well. I think this distance and the eagerness to meet each other has kept our relationship fresh even now. We always look forward to meeting each other and I request my producers from time to time to let me go to meet my husband. Although being a daily show actor it becomes difficult at times to get a break, but we strive for it. By the way, the team of ‘Kyun Rishto Mein Katti Batti’ is very supportive.

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