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Reading and writing are two ways to share your information and express yourselves in the most discreet ways. When you pen down your thoughts, views, and thinking, you are letting people know about your thought process. Even if it is your wildest thought, you are free to express them on a freeway.

Well, blogging is just a newer way to express yourself and your thoughts digitally. Blogging is just a new way of writing stories, articles, etc.

If you are also a passionate writer and want to devote time to your passion, then feel free to connect with us or contribute for News NCR, as we are opening up our guest blog posts​ for newbies or experienced writers/bloggers. Just be assured that your words are going to reach a good amount of audience. Not just this, we are also going to publish your fine blogs on various platforms. This way, you can amp up your blogging career by many folds.

Even if you are an old blogger (experienced one), with a good amount of followers, we are hereby, ready to collaborate with you. On our website, we update blogs/posts regularly from different authors to entertain our readers in newer ways. Routine is boring, it is obvious. So, we try to gather authors with different styles of writing and who are highly proficient in their language to make our readers read something new and crisp every time they are with us.

If you also think you are a wordsmith and can play with words beautifully​ and creatively, we will be more than happy to collaborate with you. You just have to get in touch with us after thoroughly reading all the necessary guidelines to post a blog on our website.

We highly admire the creativity and would love to read something that is an absolute treat to the eyes. All we want is that our readers should stay thrilled and hooked up with us. You should write a post that is well-engaging as well as highly readable. Rest assured, that your work will be yours with copyright and we will publish the post under your name only. However, you have to follow certain guidelines to make sure that your article is selected to be posted on our website.

contribute us newsncrGuidelines for Guest Blogging

If you got something that will set you apart from the competitive edge, then here it is. We highly admire blogs that are compelling and well-written. Below are certain guidelines that you are needed to follow to contribute for us-

  • Fresh and Relevant- As we mentioned earlier, the blog posts that are relevant to the title and site are highly welcomed. You should also make sure that your content is fresh and engaging for our readers. You shouldn’t​ deviate from your topic and be well-focused on it.
  • Fluency- The command over the English language is mandatory and articles devoid of grammatical errors​ are selected. The flow of the post should be simple, creative, and easily understandable.
  • 100% Original- This is yet another crucial requirement for getting selected. Your​ piece of work should not be plagiarized, a report of the same is necessary to attach with your post. The blog should be original and written by you, failing which it will not be posted on our website.

Sinc, we receive a high number of requests for posting the blogs. So, we may take a while to respond to your post. Be patient, we will reach out to you and read out your work. Once you are in and have gained our trust, then you can be our regular blogger.