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After all, why was the leather jacket banned in North Korea? the reason is interesting

Leather jacket banned in North Korea

You all must know that North Korea remains in discussion about strange rules and laws. They have such rules and regulations which are not found in any other country of the world. This may not be freedom for the people there, but they all know that what will be the mood of the people who do not have the freedom to wear clothes of their choice. Let us tell you that recently the people of North Korea have been banned from wearing leather jackets. After which this news has spread on social media.

Let us tell you that no one will sell leather trench coats in this country, nor will anyone buy and wear it. Actually, leather coats were being imported into this country and that too from China. The people of this country were also very fond of these coats and they were also wearing them. But after some time he came to hear that he cannot wear such coats. After which everyone stopped buying and selling it.

According to the information, let us tell you that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un carried a leather trench coat during an event and this is from the year 2019. Then these pictures also went viral on the national television there. Ever since Kim and her colleagues carried this style, people started following them. These coats were being imported in large numbers from China. Meanwhile, it has been officially said from North Korea that now people will not be able to wear such coats. According to the Daily Star report, wearing such a coat is copying Kim Jong, which insults him. Now for this reason people here are not able to carry leather jackets.

A person there while talking to Radio Free Asia said – Let me tell you this thing is from this year when his sister was wearing a leather trench coat. Apart from this, the powerful people here used to wear it. Now since this rule came into force, everyone accepted it. The people there are very disappointed with this decision of the government, because they liked it as fashionable clothes. But now the people here do not wear such coats and no one sells them.

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