Zero Covid Strategy: What is ‘Zero Covid Strategy’? In the beginning, many countries got success but now proved to be useless.

Zero Covid Strategy: क्या है 'जीरो कोविड स्ट्रैटेजी'? शुरुआत में कई देशों को दिलाई सफलता लेकिन अब बेकार साबित हुई

Zero covid strategy is not working now

Zero Covid Strategy Explained: Since the beginning of the corona virus epidemic, many countries have adopted a zero-covid strategy, the goal of which was to eliminate the corona virus infection from within their borders. But now with the arrival of the highly contagious delta variant, many countries are abandoning this strategy. After Vietnam and Australia, now New Zealand has also abandoned the zero-covid strategy. Deaths from corona virus infection have increased rapidly in recent days in Vietnam, once praised for its zero-Covid success.

Despite having a population of 97 million, Vietnam was successful in keeping its infection cases within 3,000 by May 2021. But in October 2021, there have been 8,00,000 cases of corona virus infection and the number of deaths due to infection has increased from 35 to 20,000 (Zero Covid Strategy News). China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are still following the zero-covid strategy. However, no one has any idea how long they will stick to this strategy.

succeeded in reducing the death rate

In this case, Ruari Bruga, Emeritus Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Science, says that with the initial information of a new epidemic in China in January 2020, countries that immediately closed their borders were zero. – COVID was successful in adopting strategy and keeping the death rate low. Effective isolation on the border was the easiest for island countries (Zero Covid Strategy Countries). But countries like China, where the central government was very strong, were also successful in implementing this strategy.

There is little doubt that the countries which adopted the zero-covid strategy have saved at least thousands if not millions of lives. But the most important lesson is not to find a strategy and stick to it, but to move forward slowly and firmly with science. Both infectious diseases and our response to them have changed. General facts related to the rate of infection of the delta variant show how the rate of SARS-CoV-2 mutating became important during infection.

Why is the Delta variant dangerous?

The viral load of its delta variant is 1,000 times higher than that of the old corona virus. Viral load is associated with the concentration of virus deposited in the throat and nose (Why Delta Variant is Dangerous). While a person infected with the old virus could infect 2.8 people, a person infected with the delta variant could infect 5.1 people. During the initial infection, a person infected with the virus could infect 15 people in three weeks, while a person infected with the mutated virus could infect 200 more people in the same period.

Countries that immediately closed their borders and where geographical, political and economic factors were in their favor could prevent deaths due to corona virus infection by adopting a zero-covid strategy and keeping the situation within their borders fairly normal. Can (Delta Variant in Which Countries). No country in Europe and America has adopted this strategy. But their response/strategy has changed with the rapid increase in the rate of infection and the development of highly effective vaccines.

Countries doing rapid vaccination

There are also some countries like Singapore which kept their number of infection cases and infection deaths low and vaccinated very fast (Zero Covid Strategy Countries). At the same time, 40-50 percent vaccination has been done in New Zealand and Australia and there is a risk of infection there. While 75 percent vaccination has been done in China, but Taiwan and Vietnam are far behind.

Covid disease and infection is uncommon in children. Therefore, the key goal is to increase vaccination in adults to above 90 percent, which Denmark, Ireland and Portugal have achieved. But nowadays, despite vaccination, it has become a common thing to have a very mild infection. Countries have started booster vaccination programs to increase the immunity of the elderly and vulnerable groups.

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