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Zero-Covid policy: China’s President Jinping became strict about the COVID-zero policy, gave a stern warning to those who protested

Chinese President Xi Jinping

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Since April 20, more than 500 cases are being reported in Beijing, it is believed that strict lockdowns can be imposed here like Shanghai. People of Shanghai protested the decision from their windows, beating utensils and shouting against the strict lockdown.

corona virus (Corona VirusChina works under its very strict COVID-zero policy which is criticized in their own country and around the world. Right now the cases of corona are increasing continuously in many places in the country, in such a situation, the government has implemented strict rules. Now Chinese President Xi Jinping (President Xi JinpingThe country’s COVID-zero policy (zero-covid policy) has issued the strongest warning ever against those who raised the question. Corona cases are increasing rapidly in the capital Beijing, so the chances of strict lockdown have increased.

The situation came as CNN reported, ‘Many people in Shanghai took to social media to call for help and vent their anger over the past five weeks over severe food shortages and lack of access to medical care. .

In Beijing and Shanghai, China, President Xi Jinping on Thursday strongly instructed officials to follow a zero-zero policy, amid ongoing efforts to stop the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, saying epidemic prevention is reaching a critical stage. Has been. Reports published in the official media said that Xi Jinping chaired a meeting of the Communist Party’s Politburo in Beijing to analyze the situation of the epidemic. He said that the prevention and control of the epidemic is at an important stage.

President Xi called for a zero-Covid policy to be followed, which has drawn criticism in China and abroad. It was said in the meeting that China will win the fight against COVID-19 with its scientific and effective epidemic control policy. In a meeting chaired by Xi Jinping on Thursday, the ruling Communist Party’s Supreme Politburo Standing Committee vowed to “firmly adhere to the general policy of dynamic zero-Covid”, as well as resolutely against any such words and acts. vowed to fight those who create distortion, doubt or denial about the country’s epidemic prevention policies.

This is the first time Xi Jinping, who according to state media gave an “important speech” at the meeting, has made public remarks about China’s fight against Corona, as there was a public outcry over the strict lockdown in Shanghai. According to the state-run news agency Xinhua, the seven-member committee said that our prevention and control strategy is determined by the nature and mission of the party, our policies can stand the test of history, our measures are scientific and effective.

The committee further said that we have won the battle to defend Wuhan, and we will certainly be able to win the battle to defend Shanghai. However, stringent, persistent lockdowns are fueling public discontent and are also dealing a devastating blow to the Chinese economy.

People in Shanghai protested the decision from their windows, banging utensils and shouting in frustration against the strict lockdown, while many others clashed with police and health workers on the streets. All this is happening in a country where such demonstrations are rare because such dissent is easily suppressed.

CNN says a new statement from the country’s top leaders makes it clear that the Chinese government is relied on for the foreseeable future to rely on rapid lockdowns, mass testing and quarantines to contain the spread of the highly permeable Omicron variant. Doing doubling. President Xi Jinping has put his personal stamp on China’s zero-covid strategy,

Since last April 20, more than 500 cases have been reported in the capital Beijing, so it is believed that strict lockdown can be imposed here like Shanghai. Meanwhile, the Hangzhou Asian Games, to be held from September 10 to 25 this year, was postponed indefinitely due to rising cases of COVID-19 in China.

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Several restrictions have been implemented in Beijing in the past to prevent the spread of Omicron variants. The Beijing administration on Wednesday ordered the closure of several metro stations, restaurants and businesses in addition to extending the closure of schools by a week. In this city with a population of about 2.1 crore, orders have been given for daily COVID-19 test of people.

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