Yellow Diamond: Scientists have discovered a color-changing diamond! turns yellow when the temperature is low

Yellow Diamond: वैज्ञानिकों ने खोजा रंग बदलने वाला हीरा! तापमान कम होने पर हो जाता है पीला

color changing diamond

A diamond has been discovered, which starts changing its color when the temperature decreases. This is such a diamond, whose auction can get thousands of pounds. Scientists have discovered a new type of color-changing diamond, which is different from the famous ‘chameleon diamond’. Known as ‘cryogenic diamonds’, these diamonds turn grayish yellow if kept at extremely cold temperatures. This diamond was discovered by Stephanie Persaud at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, California.

Stephanie Persaud was grading diamonds for customers, when she noticed a third type of color-changing diamond. However, its official price is not yet clear. But experts believe that its rarity can make it extremely valuable. The specialty of this diamond is that it does not change color when it comes in your hands, rather it does not change color until there is a certain temperature. This is because it only changes color when liquid nitrogen cools to -320°F (-196°C).

Color changing diamond was first discovered in 1866

It is very easy to achieve this kind of temperature in the lab. This is done to make the atoms in the diamond less vibrate, allowing more accurate measurements of how the diamond absorbs different wavelengths of light. The phenomenon of ‘chameleon diamond’ was first discovered in 1866 by the Parisian diamond merchant Georges Halfen. However, the term for such color-changing diamonds was not used in the jewelery trade until 1943. Why diamonds change colours, it still remains a mystery. But there are some diamonds that change their color when heated to 200 °C or kept in the dark for 24 hours.

New diamond can be very valuable

When exposed to light, heat and now cold, the color of the diamond starts changing. Experts believe that how the color of a diamond changes. More than one mechanism works to understand this. The reason behind the less information about these diamonds is that they are rare. This simply means that the hands of researchers never reach these diamonds for research. Which is why, according to Paul Johnson at the GIA, the new diamond can be extremely valuable. He said customers like rarity. Because of this the diamond price also increases. Its cost is high even when the customer keeps it in liquid nitrogen.

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