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Video: Imran is haunted by the fear of murder, said – there is a conspiracy to kill me, if something happens, the whole country will see the recorded video

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan fears his own assassination

Image Credit source: AFP

Pakistan Imran Khan: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan says that conspiracy is being hatched inside and outside the country to kill him. So he has recorded a video.

During his tenure, Pakistan was in the news for making utter statements.PakistanFormer Prime Minister Imran Khan is not able to handle even after leaving the chair. Now he is furious about the government led by the new Shahbaz Sharif of the country. He has claimed that conspiracies are being hatched to kill him in Pakistan and abroad. Mine (Pakistan Former PM Imran Khan) said this while addressing a public meeting on Saturday. He said that he knew that there was a plan to kill him.

Khan said, ‘I have recorded a video, in which I have mentioned everyone’s names. If I am killed, this video will be made public. A video of him has also surfaced. In which he says, ‘There is a conspiracy against me inside one of the closed rooms. Inside and outside the country. And that conspiracy is that they want Imran Khan to be killed. Listen, I knew about this conspiracy earlier.

Imran Khan fears death

Record the video and take everyone’s name

He says in the video, ‘So first listen carefully what I did. Young people, I have got a video recorded. I have recorded this video and kept it at a safe place. That if something happens to me, this video will come in front of the whole community. And in this video, I have named each one of those who are involved in this conspiracy since last summer, in this video. In April, before being ousted from power, Imran Khan said that he had credible information that his life was in danger.

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Imran Khan lost the no-confidence motion

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan lost the no-confidence motion last month. For this, voting was held in the National Assembly of Pakistan. In which Khan could not prove his majority. He blamed it on America. He said that America, along with local leaders, removed him from power under a conspiracy. Since then Imran Khan has been addressing public meetings in various cities of Pakistan. In which he describes the new government as ‘traitorous and corrupt’. There have been many allegations of money laundering including corruption against the Sharif family. Those who are facing trial in court. For these reasons, he calls the new government corrupt.

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