Video: ‘Dangerous’ performance of North Korean soldiers

Video: उत्तर कोरिया के सैनिकों की 'खतरनाक' परफॉर्मेंस, सिर से तोड़ी ईंट-बोतल तोड़ कांच पर लेटा सैनिक, तानाशाह ने बजाई ताली

North Korea Army Performance

North Korea Soldiers Performance: Amidst the starvation situation in North Korea, the soldiers have made a dangerous demonstration. In which soldiers are seen breaking bricks and glass bottles without uniform. A video of this is becoming fiercely viral on social media, in which dictator Kim Jong Un was seen clapping happily. It can be seen in the video that North Korean soldiers are breaking bricks from the head. A soldier breaks two bottles with his hands and lies down on the glass lying on the ground. While some soldiers are seen turning sticks from the neck.

Soldiers were seen performing like this during a defense exhibition in North Korea. Its purpose was to show the country’s military might and the weapons through which it is claimed to carry out nuclear attacks. It can be seen in the video that North Korean soldiers are lying on pieces of glass and iron nails. A slab made of cement is placed on his body and it is broken with a hammer (North Korea Soldiers Martial Arts). Then the soldiers also break the chains wrapped around them. The purpose of this program is to show the enemies how strong the country has become militarily.

increased tension by launching missiles

North Korea recently launched missiles from sea and train. Since then, there has been a lot of tension in the area. For the first time after the missile test, Kim Jong Un gave a speech at the defense exhibition and targeted America, calling it the root of all problems (North Korea Army Weapons). Along with this, he accused America of increasing the threat. He said, ‘I want to know whether there are people or countries who themselves believe that they have no intention of enmity with the work they are doing.’ He said this in the context of President Joe Biden’s statement, in which Biden said that America has no intention of enmity with North Korea.

What is your enmity with America?

There are many reasons behind North Korea’s enmity with America. Due to the nuclear program of this country, the US and the United Nations have imposed sanctions on it, due to which the economy here has gone into a trough. In 2018, the then US President Donald Trump met Kim Jong Un for the first time. Then a condition was placed that in return for lifting the sanctions, North Korea would end the nuclear program (Kim Jong-un Viral Video). But the talks have been hanging in the balance since the second talks were held in Hanoi. Apart from this, there is fierce hostility between North Korea and South Korea. The US has deployed 2800 of its troops in Seoul (South Korea), so that it can be protected from attacks by North Korea in times of danger. Even North Korea is very upset with this.

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