US submarine collided with unknown thing in South China Sea, China asked many questions in the name of expressing ‘concern’, said- tell us everything

दक्षिण चीन सागर में किससे टकराया 'यूएसएस कनेक्टिकट', क्या चीन रच रहा है कोई साजिश?

US submarine collides with unknown object in South China Sea. (US Submarine Hits Unwanted Object in South China Sea)

China Demands Answers After US Submarine Hits With Unwanted Object: A US nuclear submarine in the disputed South China Sea (SCS) was damaged after colliding with an unknown object. Now China has expressed concern on this. China on Friday asked the US to give it full information related to the incident and where the incident took place. Along with this, China has attributed the incident to the operation of air and naval flights in the name of America’s ‘freedom of navigation’ (SCS Incident). On Saturday, a US nuclear-rich submarine collided with an unidentified object underwater in the South China Sea.

About 15 people have been injured in this incident. The US Pacific Fleet said on Thursday that no one was in danger of being injured. It is not clear what hit the Seawolf-class submarine (US Navy in South China Sea). In the matter, the US Navy issued a statement saying, ‘The submarine remains in a safe and stable condition. The nuclear propulsion plant and other parts of the USS Connecticut were not affected. And it is fully operational.

Many questions asked from America

When asked in this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that ‘China is very concerned about this incident.’ “The US side involved in the incident, including the location, the purpose of this navigation, the details of the accident and what the submarine collided with and whether there has been a nuclear leak (Seawolf Class Nuclear Powered Submarine) and whether there has been damage to the local marine environment,” he said. Full details of necessary details should be given. He also said that America’s claim to operate air and naval flights in the name of freedom of navigation is the reason behind the incident.

Threat to regional peace

Lijian further said, ‘I also want to emphasize that for some time the United States has been carrying out activities under the banner of freedom of navigation in the South China Sea (Tension in South China Sea). Which is seriously dangerous and risky to regional peace and stability. America is delaying the disclosure of this accident. He is working without any transparency and responsibility. Lijian said that China and the countries concerned in the SCS have to doubt the facts and the intentions of the US. Let us tell you that China claims most of the SCS as its own. Apart from this, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also claim the area.

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