US official said, Deputy Foreign Minister Sharman’s visit to India is very special, relations will be stronger

अमेरिकी अधिकारी बोले, उप-विदेश मंत्री शरमन का भारत दौरा बहुत खास, रिश्‍ते होंगे और मजबूत

Wendy has left for Pakistan after finishing her tour in India.

The recently concluded visit of US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman to India was an opportunity to deepen the strategic partnership between the two countries. American officials gave this information. After completing her three-day visit to India, Sharman left for Pakistan on Thursday night.

“Overall, this was an opportunity for the US to deepen its strategic partnership with India, a partnership that provides both countries with many opportunities,” US State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Thursday. A partnership that is incredibly important to us because we want a free and open Indo-Pacific. Asked about Sharman’s visit, he said, “India, for us as a member of the Quad, is an important part of the broader goal of being an important geopolitical partner.”

Sharman met the foreign minister

Apart from meeting with Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla, Sharman also met External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar. Price said he had a meeting with Foreign Secretary Shringla. The two leaders discussed growing security, economic partnership and progress in the Indo-Pacific between India and the United States, including issues of mutual interest to the two countries. They also discussed ways to end the COVID-19 global pandemic, combat the climate crisis, accelerate clean energy projects, deepen trade and investment ties, and expand cooperation on cyber security and emerging technology.

India’s concerns top

US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sharman on Wednesday said India’s security concerns are “first and foremost” and “front and central” for the US. He said this in the midst of India’s concerns about the spread of terrorist activities from Afghanistan. Sharman said that the US and India have a similar thinking and approach to the developments in Afghanistan.

The US understands India’s concerns about the spread of terrorism from Afghanistan. Sharman told some reporters that the US is preparing a concrete program for Afghanistan’s capability for the near future (over-the-horizon). Although he did not elaborate anything about it.

Why has Sharman gone to Pakistan?

Apart from this, while speaking at the Ideas Summit, Sharman had said that India and America are constantly working in this direction to set up a secure supply chain. He believed that the shortcomings that have occurred during COVID-19, due to these supply chains, it will be ensured that this does not happen in the future. Wendy had said that the US has no interest in returning to the days of strained relations between India and Pakistan. His tour of Pakistan is very limited and based on a few objectives.

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