US nuclear submarine collides with unknown ‘thing’ in South China Sea, 15 injured

दक्षिण चीन सागर में अज्ञात 'चीज' से टकराई अमेरिका की परमाणु पनडुब्बी, 15 लोग घायल

US submarine collides with unknown object in South China Sea

A big news has come amidst the confrontation with China in the South China Sea. America’s nuclear submarine collided with some unknown thing on Saturday morning. So far 15 people have been reported injured. The accident happened when the submarine was under water. According to US officials, it is not yet known what the USS Connecticut collided with.

This incident has once again created tension in the region as China is continuously infiltrating Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone. America has expressed confidence of supporting Taiwan. A US Navy spokesman said that the submarine is now moving towards US territory in Guam.

No damage to nuclear plant

It is a matter of relief for America that its Nuclear Propulsion Plant has not been damaged. A US Navy spokesman said in the statement, ‘The Nuclear Propulsion Plant of USS Connecticut has not suffered any damage and is fully functioning. The damage caused to the submarine by this incident is being reviewed. This incident has happened at a time when tensions have increased between the US and China over the incursion of Chinese military into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

The incident happened 5 days ago

This nuclear submarine of the Sea-Wolf class was a victim of an accident five days ago. But information about this was given only on Thursday. The statement issued by the US Pacific Fleet was also very brief and it did not mention what was the thing that hit the submarine. Talking to the news agency AP, two US Navy officials have told about this, although the details of the incident have not been made public yet.

the submarine would have collided with something

Officials have said that while the USS Connecticut was on the South China Sea on routine operations, it was a victim of the accident at the same time. According to the officials, it is not yet clear that the submarine has definitely not collided with any other submarine. If an official is to be believed, it may be a sunken ship or a container or something else, but till now what was that thing, it has not been clear. On behalf of the US Navy, it has been said that it is still being assessed how much damage has been done to the submarine.

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