US-China ‘Taiwan Agreement’? Even after searching, no one is getting the answer, know here what Biden was talking about

US-चीन के बीच हुआ 'ताइवान समझौता'? ढूंढने पर भी किसी को नहीं मिल रहा इसका जवाब, यहां जानें आखिर किस बारे में बोल रहे थे बाइडेन

US President Joe Biden

US and China on Taiwan Agreement: Is there any agreement between the US and China on Taiwan? Almost everyone is looking for the answer to this question since Tuesday. On the same day, US President Joe Biden told reporters that he had spoken with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. And the ‘Taiwan Agreement’ has been agreed between the two countries. The issue of Taiwan was discussed between Biden and Xi Jinping (Xi Jinping Joe Biden Talks), where China is continuously sending its fighter planes in record numbers. It started infiltrating Taiwan’s Defense Zone on its National Day and has sent more than 149 fighter aircraft there.

Due to these antics of China, not only the peace of the region is being disturbed, but its relationship with Taiwan is going through the worst phase of all the last 40 years. On Monday alone, China sent a record number of 56 fighter aircraft to the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) (China Incursion in Taiwan). In response, Taiwan also had to send forward its fighter planes. When reporters asked questions on this aggression of China, Biden said, ‘I have spoken to Xi (Chinese President Xi Jinping) about Taiwan.’

Agreement reached on Taiwan Agreement

Biden further said, ‘We agree that we will abide by the Taiwan Agreement. And we made it clear that I don’t think they (China) should do anything other than abide by the agreement. Since Biden said so, people have been trying to know about this agreement but they are not getting any answer. Because there is no such agreement officially between China and America regarding Taiwan. While China claims Taiwan as its territory, Taiwan says that it is an independent country (What in Taiwan Agreement). America has always been seen supporting Taiwan, which China often expresses its displeasure with.

What agreement was Biden talking about?

Taiwan’s ROC government talks about representing the whole of China. But since 1971, most countries, including the US, did not give diplomatic recognition to Taiwan, taking the side of China’s PRC. The reason behind this is considered to be China’s ‘One China’ policy. It is now believed that Joe Biden was calling the ‘Taiwan Relations Act of 1979’ the Taiwan Agreement. According to this, America’s diplomatic relations with China will depend on whether the future of Taiwan is decided by peaceful means. When this act was passed in the US Parliament, it was decided that America would help Taiwan for self-defense in difficult times. In this it was also agreed to maintain informal relations with Taiwan.

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