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Ukraine Cyber ​​Attack: Amidst tensions with Russia, major cyber attack on Ukraine, many government websites became targets

Cyber ​​Attack in Ukraine: Ukraine is currently having a lot of tension with Russia. The Ukrainian government fears that Russia may attack the country.

Cyber ​​attack on Ukraine

A major cyber attack in Ukraine (Cyber Attack in Ukraine) Has happened. Hackers targeted many government websites of the country. The attack has happened at a time when this country is having tension with Russia. Ukraine with about one lakh soldiers weapons of Russia (Russia Ukraine Conflict) are posted along the border. America has expressed fear of attack on Ukraine. The government of Ukraine has also said that Russia can attack the country at any time. Due to Ukraine dispute, America (US) And Russia’s tension is also at its peak. Despite several meetings between the two countries, no consensus has been reached.

According to media reports, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that many government websites were down on Friday. Which the government has described as a cyber attack. Websites that were down include the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Education of Ukraine (Ukraine Websites Down). The content written on many suddenly disappeared and was replaced by messages written in Russian, Polish and Ukrainian languages. The message read, ‘People of Ukraine! All your personal data has been uploaded in the public network.

Told to erase all data

The message read, ‘All the data on your computer has been erased and will not be recovered again. Every information related to you is now public, fear and expect the worst to happen. Giving information on Twitter, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the website was down after the major attack and officials are working to restore services (Russia Cyber ​​Attacks). The attack comes at a time when the US and Russia are meeting over the Ukraine dispute. In which America has refused to accept the demands of Russia.

US may impose sanctions on Russia

The team of Russian President Vladimir Putin made some demands during talks with America and its allies. In which things like keeping distance from Ukraine are included. The American side has refused to accept them. Along with this, Russia has also said that it has no intention of attacking or occupying Ukraine. Putin has sought security guarantees from the US and its European allies. The US side says that if Russia attacks Ukraine, sanctions will be imposed on it.

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