UK: Now there will be no announcement from ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ on the plane! British Airways gave instructions to the crew members

UK: अब प्लेन में 'लेडिज एंड जेंटलमैन' से नहीं होगा अनाउंसमेंट! ब्रिटिश एयरवेज ने दिया क्रू मेंबर्स को निर्देश

British Airways plane

During the journey in the plane, you must have heard the passengers saying ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ by the cabin crew. But in Britain, now it has been agreed to ban this practice. In fact, British Airways has instructed pilots and cabin crew not to call passengers ‘ladies and gentlemen’ in an effort to celebrate diversity and inclusion. The British government-run flagship carrier has eschewed passenger greetings this way, favoring more gender-neutral terms. This will be done to respect the broader social norms and to make the children feel included.

Earlier, such measures have been taken in many countries of the world. Other major airlines, including Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines, Switzerland’s EasyJet Airlines and Canada’s Air Canada, have adopted gender-neutral language. Japan’s Japan Airlines began using gender-neutral terms last year to create a positive atmosphere and treat all people with respect.

US airline will also use gender-neutral words

Australian airline Qantas launched its ‘Sense of Inclusiveness’ initiative in 2018 to encourage employees to use gender-neutral terms. At the same time, Delta Airlines of America will soon stop using gender-based words during onboard announcements to create a safe, comfortable and dignified space for all passengers and employees. Instead, gender-neutral terms will be used for passengers and employees.

Shows changing times

A British Airways spokesperson said, “We celebrate diversity and inclusion and we are committed to ensuring that all of our customers feel good when they travel with us. Sir Martin Sorrell, founder of advertising agency WPP, told The Sunday Telegraph that commuters no longer had a problem using the traditional greeting. He said, whether it is lucky or unfortunate, it is a sign of the times.

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