UK Energy Crisis: After China, will Britain now face electricity crisis? Companies being forced to close factories

क्या चीन जानबूझकर भारत में पावर संकट के लिए परिस्थितियां पैदा कर रहा है

Electricity Shortage in UK increased risk of power crisis in UK

UK Energy Crisis Electricity: The worldwide energy crisis is getting deeper. Somewhere there is a shortage of coal and somewhere there is a shortage of natural gas. After China, the risk of power cuts has increased in Britain. Here the price of natural gas has been increasing continuously for the past several weeks. In winter the demand for electricity will increase even more. In such a situation, people are afraid that they too may not have to face the problem of power cut. Here more than a third of the electricity is generated through gas. The supply of which is not matching the demand.

British companies that make other goods, including steel, paper, glass, cement and chemicals, say rising prices are forcing them to close their factories or else the burden will be passed on to customers. Their demand is that the government should give them relief in the midst of the energy crisis (Is the UK Facing an Energy Crisis). For businesses that consume more electricity, rising prices are creating problems. In the winter season, things like heaters will be run more, due to which the price is likely to increase further.

crisis after pandemic

The energy crisis has worsened since the pandemic and has also exposed the shortcomings of the country’s energy situation. Economic activities had come to a standstill due to the Corona virus lockdown, due to which there was less use of natural gas around the world. Because of this, its prices also fell (Electricity Shortage in Britain). But now once again there has been an increase in economic activities, both the consumption and demand of electricity have increased. But in European countries the supply of natural gas is not meeting the demand. In Britain, half of the electricity produced is from gas. That’s why this crisis is getting deeper.

Decreasing production in factories

Here the government has closed most of the coal plants. Now the effect of the increase in gas prices is sure to have an impact on the supply of electricity. The UK Steel Industry Group says that the increase in electricity prices will reduce production in factories. This is bound to affect the steel sector (UK Energy Crisis Bust). The members of the group have spoken to UK government officials but no consensus could be reached between them. On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he will supply gas to Europe. Earlier Europe had criticized Russia for the energy crisis. Europe says that the crisis has increased due to Russia’s supply stop in difficult times.

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