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To rein in COVID, Russian President Putin announced Non Working Week, workers went on paid leaves

The total death toll from the epidemic in Russia has risen to 226,353.

Russia is very troubled by the rapidly increasing cases of Corona virus (Covid-19 cases in Russia). On the other hand, President Vladimir Putin has asked people to stay at home. President Putin has announced Non Working Week on Wednesday. After this all the workers will stay at their homes and they will be given paid leaves.

To curb the infection in the country, a week-long national lockdown has been announced in the capital Moscow from October 28. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has said that all shops, bars and restaurants will be completely closed. After the announcement of President Putin, the lockdown has been announced in Moscow. Mayor Sobyanin said that only essential shops such as supermarkets and pharmacies would be allowed to remain open.

The death toll continues to rise

Putin has proposed a non-working week on the advice of the cabinet. On Wednesday, 1,028 people died due to COVID-19 in Russia in the last 24 hours. This is the biggest figure in a day since the start of the pandemic.

The total death toll from the epidemic in Russia rose to 226,353, which is the highest figure so far in Europe. In view of this, the government’s cabinet had suggested that a holiday could be declared for a week to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Putin said on Wednesday that he supports the cabinet’s proposal to start the non-working week on October 30 and extend it to next week. Actually, out of the 7 days of the next week of the week starting 30 October, the first 4 days are government holidays.

people running from vaccination

Putin has ordered on Wednesday that there will be a lockdown in the country from 30 October to 7 November. He has told regional leaders that if they feel that any more strict measures can be implemented, then they can order. He said that in some areas where the situation is most dangerous, the non-working period may start from Saturday.

General health support facilities have been suspended in some areas as most health workers are busy treating COVID-19 patients. The pace of anti-Covid vaccination in the country is also less than expected. Of the total population of 14.6 crore, only about 4.5 crore (32 percent) have been fully immunized so far.

It has been said by the New York Times that due to the low level of vaccination in the country, the infection is very high. The newspaper quoted many social workers as saying that the people of the country do not have any faith in the authorities of Russia. Only 32 percent of the people in the country have been able to get the vaccine, that is, only one-third of the total population has been vaccinated.

The vaccine of COVID-19 is being provided by the government all over the country, but still people are withdrawing from it. According to a survey in August, 52 percent of the country’s population is not interested in vaccination. This is the situation when President Putin has appealed for vaccination many times.

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