To avoid inflation, absurd advice of Pakistani minister, told people – sacrifice for the country, eat less food

महंगाई से बचने के लिए पाकिस्तानी मंत्री की बेतुकी सलाह, लोगों से कहा- देश के लिए कुर्बानी दो, कम खाना खाओ

PM Imran Khan with Ali Amin Gandapur (Ali Amin Gandapur-Imran Khan)

Eat Less Said Pakistan Minister to Fight Inflation: Amidst rising inflation in Pakistan, people are in bad condition. To deal with this problem, the Pakistani minister has given such advice, after which people are constantly criticizing him. Ali Amin Gandapur, Federal Minister for Pakistan-Administered Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Affairs, asked people to eat less food. According to the report of Geo News, Gundapur has said this while addressing a public meeting on Wednesday. He asked the people to reduce the consumption of sugar and flour.

The minister said, ‘If instead of adding 100 grains of sugar to the tea, 9 grains are added, then do I find my tea less sweet for my community and children. We have become so weak (Inflation in Pakistan). Can’t you sacrifice so much for your country? If there is 9 per cent inflation here, I eat 100 bites of flour, then if I eat less than 9 bites, then I cannot sacrifice 9 bites for my community.’

Also spoke about American help

The Pakistani minister further gave a statement about America (Pakistan Minister on Inflation). He said, ‘We have to take a decision, we have to be free, we have to give that Pakistan to our children, in which they do not become indebted as soon as they are born. Don’t be anyone’s slave. It is not that we have to take money from America, America said attack the drone, we killed our 3 million people there and made strangers after that. That’s why Imran Khan said that I will make my own decisions, don’t let me give money. Ali Amin Gandapur blamed other governments here for the latest situation in Pakistan.

accused the rulers

The minister said, ‘Our ancestors sacrificed a lot to get a free country, but the rulers took the loan, did not pay it and left the country in debt.’ Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Awami National Party (ANP) has started a hunger strike against the Imran Khan government, claiming that they have not fulfilled the promises made during the general elections (Food Prices Rise in Pakistan). Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, a senior leader of the Pashtun Nationalist Party, said that the prices of food items, petroleum products and other everyday items have almost doubled during the tenure of Imran Khan government.

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