To avoid drought, people are making water from the air in California, America, know about this technique

सूखे से बचने के लिए अमेरिका के कैलिफोर्निया में हवा से पानी बना रहे हैं लोग, जानिए इस टेक्निक के बारे में

California is currently facing a severe drought.

Drought in California: The US state of California is currently facing the biggest drought in history. The largest droughts have occurred in Northern and Southern California due to climate change. In view of the situation, the people here have come up with a new idea. Here people are now making water from air and solving their problems.

According to a report by news agency AP, people in drought-hit California are buying air-water machines. With these expensive machines, the water shortage of some people is being solved, but everyone is asking only one question, is it really a solution to this problem on a large scale?

How does this machine work

According to experts, these machines use wires like air conditioners to cool the air and then collect the water droplets in a tub. “Our theory is that getting water out of the air isn’t magic, it’s science, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with these machines,” says engineer Ted Baumann, who helped design it. Bauman is a design engineer for a Washington-based company called Tsunami Products. It is one of the many systems that have been developed recently to extract water from the humidity present in the air.

But this machine is very expensive

Other inventions include traps that remove moisture from the air, solar power panels, and ship containers. Baumann said that his company’s machines remove moisture from the air and the water that comes out of it can be filtered to make it drinkable. These machines can be used in homes, offices, animal-farms and many other places.

This technique works especially well in areas where there is fog. Depending on their size, these machines can make from 900 to 8,600 liters of water in a day. These machines are not cheap and are available in the range of 30,000 to 2,00,000 dollars. Yet some people in California are buying them to meet the water needs of their homes.

ac unit resembling machine

California is currently going through the worst drought in its history. The reservoirs are drying up and residents of the area have been asked to conserve water. Don Johnson, who lives in Benicia, California, says that he has bought this machine in the smallest size. Johnson hoped that this machine, which looked like a tall AC unit, would make enough water for him to keep his garden green. But he found that the machine made enough water to meet the water needs of his garden as well as his household.

Solar panel mounted on the machine

Johnson says, ‘This machine will make water for you for much less than the money you would spend on water bottles. I am sure that as time goes by and the cost of fresh water supply will also increase, the cost of this machine will become even less. Apart from the high cost, the machine also needs a lot of energy to run. Johnson said that the solar power panels mounted on the machine generate so much energy that there is no additional energy cost to run the machine.

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