‘Time to attack is over’ Taliban’s warning to NATO, said – what America called a terrorist organization, it is ruling the country

‘हमला करने का वक्त खत्म’ तालिबान की NATO को चेतावनी, कहा- जिसे अमेरिका ने आतंकी संगठन बताया, वही देश पर कर रहा शासन

Taliban said that the time to carry out attacks in Afghanistan is over (Taliban Nato Afghanistan Attacks)

Time For Attacks in Afghanistan is Over Says Taliban: The Taliban have told NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, that the time for attacks in Afghanistan is over. This country should be connected through diplomacy. This statement of Taliban is also being described as a warning to NATO. Because about a week ago, NATO chief Jeans Stoltenberg said that allies need to be vigilant about the worsening situation in Afghanistan. He also said that “the reorganized global terrorist groups in Afghanistan must be prepared to attack and monitor any attempts by them that aim to target us.”

In an interview to local media, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said, ‘NATO Secretary General can feel his pain for a while and talk about his failures, but he should know that The time to attack is now over (Taliban US Latest Update). It was proved 20 years ago that such actions do not work and they should be dealt with through diplomacy. The Taliban official said that the organization (Taliban) which the US has included in the list of terrorist organizations is ruling Afghanistan today.

‘Won’t let Afghanistan be used’

Mujahid said that the country will never be allowed to be used as a center of proxy wars between world powers. During the interview, the Taliban spokesman opposed the interference of other countries in the internal affairs of Afghanistan and said that ‘it will not be accepted at all’. He said, ‘I want to say this 100 percent that no country including Pakistan will be allowed to interfere. We are a free country. We will not accept such interference. Pakistan is a separate country. We do not want to interfere in their affairs and they should also not interfere in our affairs (internal issues of Afghanistan).

Agreement reached with Iran on many issues

Regarding the poor economic condition of Afghanistan, Zabiullah Mujahid said that talks are being held with other regional countries including Uzbekistan regarding trade support. Last week, an agreement was reached with Iran on fuel and food exports as well as railways and border security among other issues (Iran Deal With Taliban). The Taliban captured Afghanistan on 15 August using force. This was the same time when the forces of America and its NATO allies were withdrawing from Afghanistan. This was followed by several terrorist attacks and turmoil in the country, due to which Afghanistan has come to a standstill in the same old era of 2001, when the Taliban was ousted from power by the US.

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