Thousands of people die a day due to COVID-19 in Russia, yet there will be no lockdown

रूस में कोविड-19 की वजह से एक दिन हजार लोगों की मौत, फिर भी नहीं लगेगा लॉकडाउन

At present in Russia the situation is very bad due to COVID-19.

Coronavirus in Russia, which is battling fast-growing cases of COVID-19 and low vaccination rates, recorded a record daily death toll on Tuesday, but authorities are adamant that Lockdown will not be implemented again in the country.

According to the government’s task force on the corona virus, 973 people died due to this infection in Russia on Tuesday. This is the highest daily death toll since the start of the pandemic. The daily death toll due to infection in Russia is increasing continuously. With this, 28,190 new cases of infection were reported in the country on Tuesday.

The condition of the patients admitted in the hospital is very critical.

Despite the increase in the death toll, the Kremlin has ruled out the possibility of implementing a lockdown in the country. The decision regarding imposition of restrictions to control the corona virus infection has been handed over to the regional authorities. The pressure on Russia’s healthcare system has increased due to increasing cases of infection. The country’s Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said in a cabinet meeting on Tuesday that 11 percent of the 235,000 COVID-19 patients admitted to Russia’s hospitals are in critical or critical condition.

Only 33 percent people got the vaccine

The Corona Virus Task Force in Russia has confirmed 7.8 million cases of infection in the country, of which 2,18,345 people have died. This is the highest death toll in Europe. The Russian government says that the reason for the increase in cases of infection in the country since last month is the low vaccination rate.

The government said on Friday that about 33 percent of Russia’s total population of 146 million people i.e. only 47.8 million people have had at least one vaccine, while about 29 percent of the people i.e. 42.4 million people have been fully vaccinated. Has happened.

President Putin insisted on the vaccine

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed the importance of widespread vaccination in a meeting on Tuesday with newly-elected Russian lawmakers. He urged MPs to help encourage people to get vaccinated. Russia is currently the country in the world where a rapid increase in the cases of COVID-19 is being seen. Officials have blamed the disappointment for the vaccine for the increase in the number of cases.

By August, the death toll due to COVID in Russia had reached more than 400,000. Recently, the statistics have been released by the statistics department of the country. According to these figures, July and August have been the two most dangerous months. During this, about 100,000 people have lost their lives due to the corona virus.

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