The plane became ‘Kaal’ again in Russia! Plane carrying 23 passengers crashes, 16 people feared dead

रूस में फिर 'काल' बना विमान! 23 यात्रियों को ले जा रहा प्लेन हुआ क्रैश, 16 लोगों के मारे जाने की आशंका

plane crash in russia

A plane crashed in Menzelinsk in the Tatarstan region of Russia on Sunday. There were 23 people on board including 21 parachute divers. 7 out of 23 people have been rescued. The Russian news agency Tas has given this information. According to the Tas report, the Ministry of Emergency Situations said that a plane carrying parachute divers crashed in central Russia on Sunday. 16 people are feared to have died in this accident. Even before this, there have been plane accidents in remote areas of Russia, due to which the planes are getting old.

A source in the emergency services told TAS that a Late L-410 turbolet plane crashed in the city of Menzelinsk. It was owned by an aero club. According to the source, the plane crashed at around 09:11 as per Moscow time. The source said that 23 people were on board the plane. The press service of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations told TAS that seven people on board had been rescued. Sources said that four more people have been rescued by the fire and rescue team and work is on to rescue the rest. Altogether seven people have been rescued.

Difficulty accessing debris

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, there is no information about 16 people, it is believed that they have died. There were 23 people in this plane, out of which 21 were parachute divers. Earlier, emergency services had said that 19 people had died in this accident. Sources said that the death of 19 people has not been confirmed yet. Difficulty is being faced in reaching the wreckage of the plane. A Mi-8 helicopter has been deployed to rescue the people on board. Rescuers aboard the helicopter are reaching the plane.

Accidents happen due to old planes

Earlier, all six people on board the Antonov An-26 transport plane that crashed in Russia’s Far East on 23rd last month were killed. This plane had disappeared from the radar a day earlier. Russian news agencies, citing emergency services sources, reported the death of those on board the plane on Thursday. This accident happened due to the old age of the aircraft. According to preliminary investigation data, the plane crashed in a nature reserve in the Khabarovsk region in the Russian Far East.

Russian aviation safety standards have been greatly improved in recent years. But plane accidents have become common, especially in remote areas. Most of these accidents are due to old aircraft, which often disappear from the radar and crash in the forests.

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