The female mayor was called ‘Mr. Mayor’, Biden stuttered while speaking as the Senate President, while giving the speech, the US President made a mistake many times

महिला मेयर को कहा ‘मिस्टर मेयर’, सीनेट अध्यक्ष बोलते समय हकलाए बाइडेन, भाषण देते हुए अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति ने कई बार की गलती

US President Joe Biden

Joe Biden Speech Mistakes: A recent speech by US President Joe Biden has been in the news a lot. Because in this the US President was seen stuttering and stuttering many times. He addressed Chicago’s female Mayor Laurie Lightfoot as ‘Mr. Mayor’ while speaking on the vaccine in a speech given in the state of Illinois. Biden arrived in Chicago on Thursday to promote his recently announced vaccine order for private companies.

According to this order of the government, people working in the company will either have to get the COVID-19 vaccine or have to undergo regular COVID tests (Joe Biden Illinois Speech). While giving a speech, Biden repeated this order of the government related to the vaccine. He gave a speech at the manufacturing site of that company, which has already implemented this rule of vaccine. The owner of the company is also a big donor to the Democratic Party.

Stuttering to name Senate President

Chicago’s female Mayor Laurie Lightwood gave a speech before Biden. Thanking him, the President mistakenly said ‘Mr. Mayor’. People were almost ignoring this mistake that Biden made another mistake. This time he made a mistake about the president of the Illinois State Senate (Joe Biden Fumbled and Stumbled). Biden said, ‘The Ohio Pennsylvania, the Ohio Pennsylvania, I am Pennsylvania, Illinois President John Harmon.’ In the end, Biden correctly named the president.

Confusion between phone and television

After this he stammered while taking some other name. Biden said, ‘Robert Writer, Re, Reader, Reiter, Writer.’ He then fumbled, stating that he was using the phone last night or was addressing people on television. Biden said, ‘It was on television last night, on television (Joe Biden Stammering Problem). I was talking with someone on the phone…. He continued to speak on the vaccine during the half-hour speech. He claimed that people who do not get the vaccine are putting the American economy at risk and because of them, hospitals are filling up with patients. Biden was also heavily criticized for both these claims.

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