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The delta variant of Corona spreading rapidly in China, the capital Beijing was locked, the situation will worsen in the coming days

Delta Variant of Coronavirus spreading in China (Coronavirus Delta Variant in China)

China Delta Variant Outbreak: Corona virus cases are increasing rapidly in China. A health official of the country said that in the coming days there will be more increase in new cases. The number of infected areas is also expected to increase. China’s National Health Commission official Wu Liangyu told during a press briefing in Beijing on Sunday that the latest havoc of the virus is due to the delta variant (Coronavirus Situation in China). Commission spokesman Mi Feng said, since October 17, the infection has spread to 11 provinces in just a week.

Mi said that most of those who have been infected have traveled abroad. He has asked the affected areas to adopt ’emergency mode’. Bus and taxi services have been halted in some cities in Gansu province, including the capital Lanzhou and Inner Mongolia, due to the virus, according to Zhou Min, a transport ministry official. According to the National Health Commission, China has confirmed 26 new local cases of COVID-19 on Saturday (China Delta Variant Covid Cases). In which 7 cases have been reported in Inner Mongolia, 6 in Gansu, 6 in Ningxia, 4 in Beijing, one in Hebei, one in Hunan and one in Shaanxi.

Delta variant spreading in Asia

Four other local cases have also been reported in Hunan and Yunnan. But the symptoms of corona virus were not seen in the patients. Governments are facing difficulty in accelerating economic activities due to the increasing cases of delta variants in Asia. Singapore announced on Saturday that from January 1, only those workers who have fully received the coronavirus vaccine or who have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 270 days (China Delta Variant Covid) can return to work. ). The government last week extended other restrictions related to the virus for another month, as cases continue to rise.

Capital Beijing was locked

The infection is spreading rapidly in Beijing, the capital of China. Due to which it has been locked. Here three districts have come under its grip. Pang Tsai, deputy head of the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control, said the scientific hub Haiden is also included in the affected districts. According to Pang, between Saturday afternoon and Sunday 3 pm, five new local COVID cases have been confirmed (Delta Variant in China). According to the Beijing Daily report, Beijing will cancel the marathon to be held on October 31 due to the virus. The newspaper said that in the cities where cases of infection have been found, people have been banned from coming or returning to the capital.

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