The death of Hezbollah terrorist ‘Ali Atwa’ involved in 1985 plane hijacking, America had kept a reward of 5 million dollars

1985 प्लेन हाईजैकिंग में शामिल हिज्बुल्ला के आतंकी 'अली अतवा' की मौत, अमेरिका ने 50 लाख डॉलर का रखा था इनाम

Most Wanted Terrorist Ali Atwa Died (Most Wanted Terrorist Ali Atwa Died) Photo – FBI

Hezbollah Terrorist Ali Atwa Died: Hezbollah terrorist Ali Atwa, who was involved in the 1985 plane hijacking, died on Saturday. He is also included in the list of most wanted terrorists of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The Lebanese terrorist group has given information about the death of Atwa (Most Wanted Ali Atwa). It was said on behalf of Hezbollah that Atwa, who was about 60 years old, had died of cancer. Atva, along with two other comrades, hijacked TWA Flight 847 in 1985.

He was then included in the FBI’s ’10 Most Wanted Fugitives List’ in 2001. The incident began on June 14 in Athens, Greece and lasted 16 days (1985 Plane Hijacking). A US Navy diver was killed in this incident. The plane hijackers demanded the release of Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons in exchange for the release of the hostages. The FBI had announced a $5 million reward for anyone providing information about Atava. After Atwa’s death, Hezbollah buried him in Beirut.

153 people were on the plane

The plane which was hijacked by the terrorists, had 153 passengers and crew members on board. Of these, 85 were American citizens. The terrorists were commanding after hijacking the plane flying to Rome. The plane landed in Beirut, where hijackers freed 19 American women and children (1985 Plane Hijacking Incident). The plane was then flown to Algeria, where a few more people were released before returning to Beirut.

Diver killed by thrashing

Robert Statham, a 23-year-old US Navy diver, was beaten to death by terrorists. After this, these people returned to Algeria again, where Atva also joined the terrorists (TWA Plane Hijacking). He was earlier arrested at the airport in Athens. But the Greek authorities let him go because the terrorists had threatened to kill the rest of the passengers. Others on the plane included Greek singer Damais Rossus, who was released in Beirut. Then on June 30, the remaining 39 passengers were released in Damascus, Syria.

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