The controversy that started because of AUKUS will end! America took responsibility for differences, Blinken met Macron in France

AUKUS की वजह से शुरू हुआ विवाद होगा खत्म! अमेरिका ने ली मतभेद की जिम्मेदारी, फ्रांस में मैक्रों से मिले ब्लिंकन

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

US France Relations After AUKUS: Tension has been brewing between the US and France since the AUCUS agreement. France was left out of the new Indo-Pacific security initiative, which angered France. America had made this agreement with Australia and Britain (Aukus Deal). The deal ended a multi-billion dollar deal with Australia for the supply of French submarines. Expressing its anger, the Macron government of France took the unprecedented step of recalling its ambassador to America.

Since then, Britain and America are constantly trying to persuade France. French President Emmanuel Macron and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken have met in Paris to explore ways to overcome the dispute between the two countries over the agreement. In a French television interview after the meeting with Macron, Blinken accepted American responsibility for the differences.

‘Didn’t understand the true value of the relationship’

“We could and should have talked better,” Blinken said. “Sometimes we don’t understand the true value of a very important and deep relationship like the one between France and America,” he said. According to a senior US State Department official, Macron and Blinken discussed possible US-French cooperation in the Indo-Pacific and other regions in a one-on-one session of about 40 minutes.

Sullivan will also visit France

Soon after their talks, the White House announced in a statement that “as part of our ongoing consultations on shared bilateral and regional interests,” President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, will be in Paris later this week. Will meet his French counterpart, Emmanuel Bon (Aukus Deal France).’ Macron and Blinken met last month on 15 September with the announcement of a three-way agreement between Australia, Britain and the US, known as the Ox, the highest level of personal contact between the two countries since the dispute began. Was.

joint projects discussed

France and other European countries were explicitly left out in this agreement (Aukus Deal Europe). The State Department official said the two countries discussed possible joint projects that could be announced during the meeting between President Joe Biden and Macron at a scheduled date and place later this month. Earlier on September 22, in a phone conversation with Macron, Biden had agreed to compensate for the mistake.

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