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The 95-year-old Queen of Britain turned down the Oldie of the Year award, saying – she is not worthy of this award

Queen Elizabeth has refused to consider herself old.

The 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, who was the Queen of Britain for the longest time, does not like to be called old. Because of this, he has refused to accept the ‘Oldie of the Year’ award given by a British magazine Oldie.

Queen Elizabeth says that she does not have the qualifications required for the award. On Tuesday, the response given by the Queen on behalf of the magazine has been published. According to the magazine, it felt that the Queen should get the honor like the former Prime Minister John Major, actor Olivia de Havilland and artist David Hockney.

That’s why don’t accept award

The magazine was answered by Tom Lang-Baker, Queen Elizabeth’s personal assistant secretary. He wrote, ‘The Queen believes that the older you feel, the older you get. The Queen does not believe that she does not meet the conditions set by your side and in such a situation she is unable to accept your award. She hopes that you find a deserving candidate for this award. Special wishes have also been given to the magazine on behalf of the Queen.

Northern Ireland tour canceled

Queen Elizabeth lost her husband Prince Philip in April this year. Since then, she has been continuously engaged in fulfilling her royal duties. On Tuesday, he attended a reception held at Windsor Castle with diplomats. This event was organized for Global Business Leaders. In the midst of all this, Queen Elizabeth has finally accepted the medical advice of taking rest for a few days. After this he has canceled his tour of North Ireland.

Why get this award

This information has been given by Buckingham Palace on Wednesday. However, it did not elaborate on the Queen’s decision and only said that 95-year-old Elizabeth was “in good shape”. She is disappointed that she will no longer be able to tour Northern Ireland. Here he had to attend many programs on Wednesday and Thursday.

Oldie of the Year Award is given to those people who continue to contribute something in public life even after getting old. The Queen’s husband Prince Philip was honored with this in the year 2011. After the Queen’s refusal for this award, now French-American actress and dancer Leslie Caron has been honored with it. He is 90 years old.

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