Taliban’s love for terrorist organization ‘Islamic State’ rises, said – will not work with America to control ISIS

आतंकी संगठन 'इस्लामिक स्टेट' के लिए उमड़ा तालिबान का प्यार, कहा- ISIS को काबू करने के लिए अमेरिका संग नहीं करेंगे काम

Taliban Spokesperson Suhail Shaheen

Taliban on Islamic States: The Taliban on Saturday vehemently rejected the possibility of cooperating with the US in controlling terrorist organizations in Afghanistan. It has said it has taken a tough stance on the crucial issue amid the first direct talks between the US and the Taliban since the full withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan in August (Taliban ISIS-K Talks). US officials are meeting with senior Taliban officials in Qatar’s capital Doha on Saturday and Sunday.

The purpose of this meeting is to facilitate the evacuation of foreign nationals and such Afghan people who are at risk. Apart from this, there can also be talk about controlling extremist groups in Afghanistan. Officials from both sides have given this information. The Taliban have indicated that it may take a flexible approach to the evacuation of people (Taliban ISIS Conflict in Afghanistan). This is the first such meeting since the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan in August.

Taliban will deal with ISIS on its own

Taliban political spokesman Suhail Shaheen told the Associated Press that it would not provide any assistance to Washington regarding organizations affiliated with the increasingly active Islamic State group in Afghanistan (Taliban ISIS Conflict). “We are capable of dealing with Daesh (Islamic State) on our own,” Shaheen said. In eastern Afghanistan, IS has launched continuous attacks on the country’s Shia Muslim community since 2014. He is also a big threat to America. A related organization was also involved in the recent attack on the mosque, in which 46 people belonging to the minority Shia community were killed.

Which promise will America take from Taliban leaders?

A US official said on Friday that talks in Doha, Qatar, will focus on a commitment from Afghan Taliban leaders to allow the American people, foreign nationals and Afghan allies who have been supportive of the US government and military to leave Afghanistan. Allow (Taliban ISIS Civil War). The Biden administration is facing questions about the slow pace of US evacuations from Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US forces and diplomats from Afghanistan in late August. State Department spokesman Ned Price said that since then the US has evacuated 105 American citizens and 95 green card holders from Afghanistan. A week has passed since this point but the number of people fired remains the same.

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