Taliban is adopting dangerous methods to save people from the addiction of drugs from which ‘from beatings to forced imprisonment’

'मारपीट से लेकर जबरन कैद तक' जिस ड्रग्स से खूब पैसा कमाया, उसी की लत से लोगों को बचाने के लिए खतरनाक तरीके अपना रहा तालिबान

Taliban (Afghanistan Drugs Problem) sending people to treatment centers to get rid of drug addiction – symbolic picture

Drug Addiction in Afghanistan: People of Afghanistan consume drugs in large numbers. Opium is highly produced in this country, due to which people have easy access to drugs, its price is low and it is in high demand to avoid tension in the war-torn country. Now the Taliban is adopting dangerous methods to get rid of this addiction of the people. He is beating people and forcibly imprisoning them in centres. These are being called treatment centers, where people are being given freedom from drug addiction.

Most of the men brought to the treatment center are those who take drugs while sitting on the streets or under bridges. Many of them are also mentally ill. Health workers are forced to adopt lethal measures to obey the rules of the Taliban. “We are no longer living in a democracy, it is a dictatorship (Drugs Addiction in Taliban),” said Dr Fazlarbi Meier, who worked at one such center, AP reported. And use of force is the only way to cure these people. Maier is treating people suffering from heroin and opium addiction.

After the occupation, the Taliban ordered

Doctors say that after the occupation of the country on August 15, the Taliban’s Ministry of Health immediately ordered the establishment of treatment centers, so that the problem of drug addiction could be dealt with strictly. Huge population of the country, troubled by hunger and war, consumes drugs. People brought to the treatment center also look like bone structures (Drug Addicts in Afghanistan). These people were once poets, soldiers, farmers and traders. But due to large scale opium cultivation, people got addicted to drugs. Whether the addicted person is rich or poor, old or young, the Taliban is treating everyone in the same way.

Drugs against Islamic principles

The use of drugs is against the Islamic doctrine of the Taliban. The fundamentalists of the country also consider it a sin. The Taliban themselves have made a lot of money by smuggling drugs. But recently there were reports that he has ordered a ban on opium cultivation. The same order was also issued by him during his last tenure in 1996-2001. A Taliban fighter tried to forcibly take some drug addicts to a treatment center while sitting under a bridge. The hands of those who did not go were tied. The fighter said, ‘These are our countrymen, these are our families and these people are very good inside. If God wishes, the people of the hospital will treat him well and treat him.

150 people were taken to the police station

When Taliban fighters were taking some people, an elder raised his voice against it. He said that he is a poet and if he was allowed to go, he would never take drugs (Treatment Centers in Taliban). He wrote something on the paper to prove his point, but that too did not work. He said, ‘Why did I have to take drugs? Some things are not meant to be told. But still the Taliban fighters took about 150 people to the district police station. The purse, knife, lighter and other items found with them were burnt. Then they were taken to the treatment center for treatment. The heads of those brought to the center are shaved and they are also beaten up.

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