Taliban got Qatar’s support, Foreign Minister said – partnership will give strength to weak voices, it is wrong to isolate

तालिबान को मिला कतर का सपोर्ट, विदेश मंत्री बोले- साझेदारी से कमजोर आवाजों को मिलेगी ताकत, अलग-थलग करना गलत

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani (Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani)

Qatar and Taliban Connection: Qatar’s foreign minister has said that isolating Afghanistan and its new Taliban rulers can never be the solution. He said on Wednesday that a partnership with the Taliban can give strength to vulnerable voices. Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani said this during diplomatic talks in Qatar. The Taliban operated a political office in Qatar for years before taking over Afghanistan in August.

The eyes of the world are on how the Taliban has changed from the time of taking control of Kabul after two decades of extremist activities and war for rule (Taliban Qatar Meeting). Representatives from the US, 10 European countries and the European Union held one-on-one talks this week with Taliban leaders in Qatar’s capital, Doha, the first such meeting since the Taliban took over the regime.

Thani- ask to take the right step

Al Thani told counter-terrorism experts in Doha that Qatar believes that the international community should ask the Taliban to take the right steps, rather than merely punishing them for their ‘negative actions’ (Taliban Afghanistan Latest Update) . “This will give impetus to progress and move forward,” he said. “This will help provide incentives for vulnerable voices to become more influential in their government,” Al Thani said.

What did the US say to the Taliban?

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Tuesday that Washington made it clear in talks with the Taliban this week that the group will be tested by its actions on issues related to fighting terrorism and protecting human rights (Taliban Qatar Talks) . At the same time, Qatar has made many statements about the Taliban in the past as well. The foreign minister said last month that if the Taliban is isolated, it could lead to further instability. He said that everyone should come forward to address the security and socioeconomic concerns in Afghanistan.

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