Syria: The general public is suffering from the ravages of war! ‘Wheat crisis’ arose in Syria, the people lying in front of the bread

Syria: युद्ध की मार से आम जनता बेहाल! सीरिया में खड़ा हुआ 'गेहूं संकट', लोगों के सामने पड़े रोटी के लाले

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Civil war has been going on in Syria for more than 10 years, due to which food shortage has arisen in the country. Kahwa, a mother of eight in eastern Syria, says the country’s severe wheat crisis has forced her to start baking bread at home to feed her children. He said, bakery bread is not enough for us. I am forced to make and bake flour to feed my children. We need at least 50 rotis.

Once a country that produces more than the domestic needs of wheat in the Middle East. It was the only country in the region to do so. But now Syria needs to import wheat. Professor Omar Abdul Razzaq, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at the Euphrates University in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa, said the northeastern region of Syria produced between 50 and 60 percent of Syria’s wheat production. But during the war, this area got out of the control of the country. In 2020, the country was able to grow only about one million tonnes of wheat, which is a third of its requirement.

1.24 million Syrians are facing food insecurity

The Syrian government limited the amount of bread each family could buy. At the same time, millions of Syrians have fallen into poverty because of the government’s decision to double the prices twice in the last one year. According to a UN report, 12.40 million Syrian citizens, which is three-quarters of the population, are facing food insecurity. In fact, the country had to lose one million hectares of land after the war. The Syrian government has been fighting a war with the Islamic State for a long time.

Children are forced to sleep hungry due to lack of bread

Another Syrian mother, Jameela, said, ‘We buy bread from the supplier. Today, a bundle costs 500 lira. There are 14 rotis in it. This is not enough for the whole family. Sometimes, for a day or two, we are not able to get bread. Children go to bed hungry because we do not get bread. They said, ‘From where can we get the bread? We get wheat as an aid from Red Crescent and we have started baking on electric oven. We have to wait for two hours for the electricity to come on for hours and then we make the dough and bake it.

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