Survey: Large population of Pakistan happy with Taliban’s ‘occupation’ on Afghanistan, 55% expressed support

सर्वे: अफगानिस्तान पर तालिबान के 'कब्जे' से पाकिस्तान की बड़ी आबादी खुश, 55% लोगों ने जताया समर्थन

Taliban Pakistan News: A survey was conducted to know the answer to the question of whether the people of Pakistan are happy with the formation of the Taliban government. In which it was found that 55 percent people are happy with it.

Large section of Pakistan happy with Taliban (Pakistan Survey on Taliban) – Symbolic picture

Pakistanis Are Happy With Taliban: At least 55 per cent of Pakistanis expressed happiness over the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. This information has come to the fore in a survey by Pakistan’s research company Gallup Pakistan. In this survey, 2400 people were included and they were asked ‘Are you happy with the formation of the Taliban government in Afghanistan?’ According to its results, 55 percent people expressed happiness over it, while 25 percent said that they are not happy. 20 percent people did not give any kind of response.

According to Pakistani news channel, 65 percent of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa people have expressed happiness over the formation of the Taliban government. Apart from this, among those who are happy with the Taliban, 55 percent are from Balochistan and 54 percent from Punjab and Sindh. Let us tell you that the Taliban entered Kabul, Afghanistan and captured the entire country on August 15 (Pakistan Taliban Update). On this day the government of Afghanistan fell and the then President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. However, the Panjshir province of the country is still not completely under Taliban control. But still the Taliban have formed their interim government.

What age people are happiest?

The survey was conducted in Pakistan between August 13 and September 5. Which shows that the survey was started only when most of the provinces were occupied by the Taliban (Pakistan Taliban Relations). It has also been revealed in this that at what age Pakistani people like Taliban more. 68 percent of Pakistanis who support the Taliban government are over the age of 50. Of these, the number of men is 58 percent and the number of women is 36 percent. When the Taliban captured Kabul, there were also reports of celebrations from Pakistan. Sweets were distributed at many places here.

Imran Khan had expressed his support

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his support for the Taliban and said that Afghanistan has broken the chains of slavery. Former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani and former Vice President Amrullah Saleh have repeatedly accused Pakistan of supporting the Taliban. But Pakistan repeatedly denies these allegations. Recently, the chief of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, Faiz Hameed, had come on a visit to Kabul, this once again exposed the deep relationship between Pakistan and the Taliban to the world. A few days after Hameed’s visit, the Taliban announced an interim government.

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