Story of Taliban (Part-3): Twenty years ago the father’s body was dismembered, now the same Masood’s son is fighting the Taliban

तालिबान की कहानी (पार्ट-3) : बीस साल पहले पिता के शरीर के टुकड़े हो गए थे, अब उसी मसूद का बेटा तालिबान से लड़ रहा है

Some analysts believe that it was the ISI that allowed al-Qaeda and Taliban to enter Pakistan and that the same ISI kidnapped Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists and handed them over to the US. Earning tax dollars.

National Resistance Front leader Ahmed Massoud (NRF Leader Ahmad Massoud)

The date was 09/09/2001. Ahmed Shah Masood was reading Persian poetry sitting in his bungalow. A colleague came and said, “Two journalists have been waiting for a long time to be interviewed.” Masood agreed to the interview. Most of the questions were about bin Laden. Masood said he was ready. There was a loud bang as soon as the shutter of the camera was pressed. The bodies of Masood and the journalist were dismembered by the blast.

Amrullah Saleh contacted the Bin Laden unit of the CIA and said, “Masood was killed, his body is in the morgue.” The arrow of suspicion was on al-Qaeda. To maintain his grip, word was spread that Masood was injured and alive. But as soon as this news reached the White House from the CIA, CNN was aware of this news and on September 10, the whole world came to know about this news. Saleh again rang the phone at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, saying that the battle ahead would be more difficult.

When the World Trade Tower was attacked

It was only 36 hours after this incident, on September 11, a refueled plane collided with the South Tower of the World Trade Center. In the next two hours, there were 3 more plane attacks on America. The second attack on the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Third attack on Pentagon, US Defense Headquarters. And the fourth plane was aimed at the Capitol Building, where the US Senate sits. But the plane crashed before the target due to resistance from the passengers.

The killing of Masood can be called a master stroke of al-Qaeda. There was information, after 9/11, America can invade Afghanistan. In this case, it was expected that Masood, who has been a worthy ally of the CIA in the fight against the Taliban, would also take action against al-Qaeda. First of all, the political move to remove him went. ‘The system was blinking red’, that’s exactly what the 9/11 commission said was a warning from March to August 2001.

From the FBI to the CIA, information was reaching everyone. Some say the lack of coordination was widespread. Where can the next attack take place, on the soil of the country or abroad? The US agency was embarrassed about this. Meanwhile, the kidnapped terrorists were also coming to America and undergoing training at the Flight Academy.

America had opened a front against terrorism

From this attack, 3,000 people died. Some were burnt to ashes, while some people jumped from above 100 floors. After this incident, America roars from east to west coast in anger. That is, from North Dakota to Texas, the bell of war on terror rings. Pakistan was informed that if it did not cooperate, it would be bombed and sent to the Stone Age. The world was told that in the fight against terrorism, you either join us or be against us, there was no place to be free. According to Pashtun rules, the Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden. Operation Enduring Freedom began on 6 October. The US, Canada, Britain, France and Abdul Rashid Dastum were in the Northern Alliance.

It took three months for the Taliban and al-Qaeda to be surrounded by incessant bombings and missile attacks. By the end of December, US forces, Dastam’s cavalry and Masood’s forces were pursuing the Taliban and al-Qaeda on Afghan soil. In December, bin Laden, al-Qaeda and its allies hid in the Torabora caves on the Pakistan border. The events after that are a bit hazy.

ISI gave shelter to Taliban and Al Qaeda

Some analysts believe, the ISI allowed al-Qaeda and Taliban to enter Pakistan and the funny thing is, they kidnapped various Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists, handed them over to the US. earning dollars.

Although many Afghans were happy to be freed from the Taliban, the situation was changing since 2002. American bombings were killing many innocent Afghans. In protest, people started opening their mouths. The new Afghan government was also accused of corruption. Many of the new Afghan soldiers being trained by the US military became addicted to drugs and were fighting among themselves. Here, by waging war with Iraq, America had proved bin Laden’s point that America is targeting Muslim countries only.

When Osama bin Laden was killed

2011. Bin Laden was finally found in Abbottabad, Pakistan. America had prepared a blueprint for Operation Geronimo by keeping Pakistan in the dark. Only 40 minutes of operation in the dark of night, Osama bin Laden was killed. After that it became unnecessary for the US military to leave the Taliban. By then 2.7 trillion US dollars had been spent, thousands of people had died.

withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

2014. Obama said that Operation Enduring Freedom was going to end. The army was planned to be reduced in several phases. Trump, the 2016 presidential candidate, said the military would be removed if he came to power. The Taliban were taking advantage of this situation. The rest were in a race to capture the area.

Agreement in Doha and the capture of power by the Taliban

Discussions between the US, the Afghan government and the Taliban began in Doha in 2018. On the other hand, the fighting started again between the Afghan army and the Taliban. Taliban occupation was increasing. The Doha Agreement was signed between the United States and the Taliban in February 2020. According to the agreement, the United States had agreed to withdraw its entire army and the Taliban had promised not to give al-Qaeda a chance. Within a year and a half of this treaty, history has repeated itself again. Taliban is in power again. This time Ahmed Shah is fighting in place of Masood’s son Ahmed Masood. Pakistan has once again become the driving force of the Taliban in all its glory.

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