Saudi coalition foils major attack, destroys two boats laden with explosives, kills 108 Houthi

सऊदी गठबंधन ने बड़े हमले को किया नाकाम, विस्फोटकों से लदी दो नाव तबाह कीं, 108 हूतियों को मार गिराया

Saudi coalition destroyed two boats (Houthi Explosive Laden Boats) – symbolic photo

Saudi Arabia and Yemen Border Conflict: The ongoing fighting in Yemen is increasing continuously. Saudi Arabia’s coalition fighting the Houthi rebels on Wednesday claimed to have destroyed two boats laden with explosives. Saudi Arabia’s state-run TV channel says that this extremist organization backed by Iran was planning a major attack in the south of the Red Sea. Which has been thwarted in time. The local media, however, did not specify which location was to be attacked.

The Saudi coalition has also made another big claim. According to the AFP news agency, the coalition says it has killed at least 108 rebels in air strikes south of the city of Marib. Earlier on Tuesday, the coalition said that it had killed 134 rebels in airstrikes (Saudi Arabia Yemen Conflict). “We attacked nine military vehicles belonging to Houthi rebels in Abdiya, killing 134 of its members,” the coalition said in a statement. Dozens of air strikes have been carried out in Marib’s Abdia district. The city of Marib is the last stronghold of the internationally recognized government in northern Yemen.

Hundreds of fighters killed on both sides

The battle started last month in the strategically important Marib. Hundreds of people from coalition forces and Houthi rebels have been killed since then. There has been a war in Yemen for the last seven years. In this battle, the Saudi-led coalition is fighting Houthi rebels in support of an internationally recognized government (Yemen Civil War Reason). In 2014, the Houthis captured the capital Sanaa. He also ousted the government from here. Thousands of people have died and lakhs have been forced to displace in this conflict that started since then.

Saudi Arabia and Houthi enmity

Saudi Arabia intervened in the fight to support the Yemeni government in March 2015. The United Nations says that the Yemen war has caused the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. But here the war is increasing instead of stopping (Saudi Arabia Yemen Conflict Explained). Joe Biden has also stopped the aid getting Saudi Arabia from America in this war as soon as he became the President of America. But Saudi Arabia is still in the war. This has led to several attacks by Houthi organizations within its own borders.

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