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Russia-Ukraine War: President Biden may go to Ukraine! People being expelled from Mariupol, read 10 big things related to the war

War continues between Ukraine and Russia

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Russia Ukraine War: US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has met President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv.

Russia and Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine WarThe war which started on 24 February is still going on. Millions of people have been displaced due to this war, while so far a large number of people have lost their lives. At the same time, people are being evacuated from the steel plant of Mariupol city. On the other hand, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently visited Ukraine. During this he spoke to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In addition, Poland has said that military exercises have been started with NATO troops. The ongoing war between the two countries is not taking the name of ending yet. In such a situation, read 10 big things related to war…

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  1. Ukraine’s military has claimed that there is a strong resistance to Russian aggression in the eastern part of the country. Its cost is being paid in the form of loss of life and property. The General Staff of Ukraine’s armed forces said on Sunday that Russian troops were trying to advance into the Sloboda, Donetsk and Taurid regions, but were being stopped by Ukrainian troops, which continued to fight village to village.
  2. The United Nations has confirmed the continuation of evacuation operations from a steel plant in the war-torn city of Mariupol in Ukraine. UN Humanitarian Aid Spokesperson Saviano Abreu told the Associated Press on Sunday that the rescue operation is underway in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross, which is also coordinating with officials from Russia and Ukraine. . He termed the situation as extremely complex.
  3. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she had visited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to show US support for Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression. During this, Ukraine was assured of help.
  4. According to a UK study, Russian cyber soldiers have launched a new campaign against leaders of other countries and are using social media platforms to spread propaganda on a large scale to justify their attack on Ukraine.
  5. Poland’s armed forces said on Sunday that a military exercise involving North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) troops had begun. It is part of a regular exercise aimed at improving security in Eastern Europe. But this year it is being organized at the time of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Poland’s military said in a statement that 18,000 troops from more than 20 countries are participating in the Defender Europe 2022 and Swift Response 2022 exercises, which are being held in Poland and eight other countries. The exercise will run from May 1 to 27.
  6. Energy ministers of European Union countries are scheduled to hold emergency talks on Monday. Actually, these countries are holding these meetings to give a united response to the demands of Russia. Russia has said foreign gas buyers will have to deposit euros or dollars into an account with privately owned Russian bank Gazprombank, which will convert them into rubles.
  7. Two explosions occurred early Monday in Belgorod, a southern Russian region bordering Ukraine. The governor of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, gave this information through a social media post. He said that no one was injured in the blast.
  8. US House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff detailed a nearly three-hour discussion of members of the congressional delegation in Kyiv with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday. During this, he said that he thinks US President Joe Biden can go to Ukraine anytime.
  9. Russia once again opened fire in Kharkiv on Sunday. According to the head of the regional military administration, Oleg Sinegubov, three people were killed and eight others were wounded in the Russian shelling in Kharkiv.
  10. Satellite images analyzed by the Associated Press showed damage to oil depots in Russia across the Ukrainian border following suspected Ukrainian attacks. Saturday’s photos illustrate the damage at two sites in Bryansk. Monday’s blast damaged several tanks, burning the surrounding ground.

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