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Russia Chemical Plant Fire: Massive fire at Russia’s explosives plant, 16 people reported dead so far

Fire at Russian chemical plant

There is news of a major fire in a chemical plant in Russia. According to the information, so far 16 people have been reported dead. The fire started at a plant located southeast of Moscow (Russia Chemical Plant Blast), where weapons apart from explosives are made. There are also reports of many people missing. Many videos related to this horrific accident are becoming viral on Russia’s social media. In this, several vehicles can be seen on fire in the factory of the village of Lesnoye in the forest, 300 km from Moscow.

The emergency ministry said in a statement, 17 people have been injured due to this fire. One has been admitted to the hospital, while more information has not been received about 9 people. Earlier it was said that due to violation of technical procedures and safety measures at PGUP Elastic Factory in Ryazan region, fire could have started. According to the plant’s website, it produces industrial explosives for civilian use, but also produces ammunition for the defense sector as well as gas generators for submarines.

Over 170 rescue teams deployed in the area

The ministry said it first received information about the fire at the plant at 08:22 local time. The head of the local administration previously told TASS news agency that 17 people were inside the plant’s workshop at the time of the fire. The ministry said it has deployed more than 170 rescue teams in the area. The official death toll from the incident is expected to rise, as a source told Interfax news agency that 16 people had died in the accident.

Fire occurs due to poor infrastructure

Accidental fires are common in Russia. Hundreds of fire incidents are recorded here due to non-compliance of safety standards apart from old and poor infrastructure. Russia’s worst fire disaster in recent times occurred in a shopping center in the Siberian city of Kemerovo in 2018. In this 64 people including 41 children died. Investigators had said that the fire was caused due to violation of safety norms including closure of emergency exit and non-functioning alarm system. Subsequent officials found that hundreds of commercial and cultural sites across the country did not comply with fire safety standards.

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