Rohingya refugees will settle on an island in the Bay of Bengal, UN and Bangladesh government signed an agreement

बंगाल की खाड़ी में मौजूद द्वीप पर बसेंगे रोहिंग्या शरणार्थी, UN और बांग्लादेश सरकार ने किया समझौता

Rohingya refugee

The United Nations and the government of Bangladesh have signed an agreement to work together to help Rohingya refugees on an island in the Bay of Bengal. Thousands of people living in camps near the Myanmar border have been relocated to the island. The Bangladeshi government has already relocated more than 19,000 Rohingya to Bhasan Char island. The United Nations said that the main reason for signing the agreement is to start services for this population.

Bangladesh plans to relocate 100,000 Rohingyas to the island in a phased manner from overcrowded refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar district. Settling the refugees here was criticized by the United Nations and humanitarian groups. However, now this agreement is being seen as a paradigm shift. In fact, critics say that this island is regularly submerged in water due to monsoon rains. Because of this it is not worth living in. But Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government has spent $112 million on building sea walls, hospitals, schools and mosques.

The agreement shows the generosity of Bangladesh’s Rohingya

Following the deal, officials said 81,000 refugees would be relocated to the island in the coming three months. At the same time, a United Nations team visited the island in March. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees said in a statement that the agreement is another expression of Bangladesh’s generosity and support for the Rohingya population. The agreement will lead to closer cooperation between the government and the United Nations on services and activities to benefit the island’s residents. The United Nations has also said that it had discussed with the Rohingyas living in Cox’s Bazar and people living on Bhasan Char Island before signing the agreement.

Refugees will be able to live a better life on the island

According to the statement, this agreement covers the key areas of security, education, skill-training, livelihood and health. This will help refugees live better on the island and better prepare them for a permanent return to Myanmar in the future. UNHCR representative Johannes van der Klauw said the organization has seen the island and believes that the Bangladesh government has created critical infrastructure to address environmental hazards. He said the agreement gives refugees freedom to travel to the main camps on the island and Cox’s Bazar.

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