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Risk of HIV from Russia’s COVID vaccine Sputnik V, after studying this country banned its use

Namibia Suspends Use of Sputnik V Vaccine

Namibia Suspends Use of Russian Coronavirus Vaccine: Sputnik V, a vaccine prepared against the Russian corona virus, is being told that men are at risk of getting HIV. Due to which the African country Namibia has banned its use. The country announced on Saturday that health experts and government officials have studied reports of negative effects of Sputnik V. After which it was decided to ban the use of Sputnik V (Study on Russian Vaccine).

The Namibian Health Ministry said in a statement, “This decision has been taken with extreme caution.” Men who have received the Sputinac V vaccine are at risk of contracting HIV. A few days before Namibia, South Africa’s Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) announced that it would not approve the Sputnik V vaccine (Sputnik V HIV Risk). SAHPRA claimed that the Sputnik V vaccine further increases the risk of HIV infection in men.

The company denied the reports

“The use of the Sputnik V vaccine in South Africa may increase the risk of HIV transmission,” it said in a statement. This vaccine may increase the risk of contracting HIV in vaccinated men. However, the vaccine maker Gamleya Center has dismissed these reports and called these claims ‘baseless’ (HIV Risk in Africa). Along with this, she has said that she will present evidence to prove SAHPRA wrong. The company said in a statement that all necessary information has been handed over to South Africa regarding reports of people infected with HIV being vaccinated or being infected with the vaccine, which shows that there is no risk from the vaccine.

Vaccine can cause mild cold

The Russian vaccine maker also said that watery eyes or mild cold may occur after getting the vaccine, but it does not pose any risk of HIV. The company said that there is no scientific and clinical evidence to suggest the risk of HIV from the ingredients included in the vaccine (Namibia Suspends Sputnik V Use). According to the news agency Reuters, it may be that South Africa and Namibia have taken this decision because the rate of HIV spread is very high in these two African countries. Let us tell you that emergency use of Sputnik V vaccine has been approved in India too.

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