Quarantine free entry in Singapore to citizens of 11 countries, decision not to give exemption to people going from India

11 देशों के नागरिकों को सिंगापुर में क्‍वारंटाइन फ्री एंट्री, भारत से जाने वाले लोगों को छूट न देने का फैसला

Singapore will open the border to 11 countries.

Singapore is ready for 11 countries to once again open their borders. Citizens of India will not get quarantine entry in the borders of Singapore, which will open for citizens of different countries from October 19. Indians will not get free entry under Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) upon arrival in Singapore; They will have to complete the quarantine after coming to the country.

It has been said by the Singapore authorities that people will be given entry into the country only after getting both shots of the vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). Seven European countries, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom (UK) and Germany have been placed under the Singapore government’s VTL scheme. Brunei has been included in this list only one country in Asia.

China and India kept out

China, India and Indonesia have been kept out of the list. Apart from this, the vaccinated passengers coming from South Korea will be allowed to enter the country from 15 November. To avail the VTL scheme, passengers will have to travel by Singapore Airlines or Lufthansa. The government may include the names of some more airlines in the coming days.

A statement has been issued by Singapore Airlines saying that VTL flight services will be increased for 14 cities. Travelers must carry proof of vaccination while traveling to Singapore. Along with this, it will also be mandatory to conduct RT-PCR test 48 hours before departure and arrival at Changai Airport in Singapore. Till some time ago, at the time of entry, passengers had to undergo 4 tests in this way.

Prime Minister has given warning

This announcement from Singapore comes at a time when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Soong said that one has to get used to living with COVID-19. In a televised address on Saturday, Loong said that the delta variant has made it clear that COVID-19 is not going anywhere. But by taking the rules of vaccination, social distancing and taking precautions, it is possible that a normal life can be lived even with COVID. He warned that the next few months will be challenging and at the same time Singapore will emphasize on the strategy to live with this virus.

The country’s Health Ministry said on Sunday that with the arrival of new cases of infection, there were a total of 1,24,157 cases of corona virus in Singapore. It was told by the ministry that 153 people have died due to infection, out of which 52 people have died this month.

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