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Puja pandals attacked in Bangladesh, PM Sheikh Hasina warned after vandalizing temples, understand the political meaning of Hindu population in the country

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina (Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina)

The real Ravana was killed centuries ago, but many types of evil in the form of Ravana are still alive today. Which is continuously gripping people in different forms. In such a situation, more than just the rituals of burning the effigy of Ravana, it is necessary to destroy the Ravana inside you. Hear about the avoidance of 10 such evils from the philosophy of the theater itself.

Whether bigotry happens in any country, the damage is done to humanity and rights all over the world. The religious rights of minority Hindus have been hurt due to bigotry in their neighboring country Bangladesh. So far four people have died and many people have been injured in the attack on Durga Puja pandals by a few fanatics and fundamentalists in Bangladesh. The news has also come that when the extremists were targeting Durga Puja pandals and temples. Then even after calling several times, the police did not come and the idols of Maa Durga were damaged. Puja pandals were burnt at many places.

Sheikh Hasina assures strict action

However, today the Prime Minister of the country Sheikh Hasina has taken a strict stand on this incident and assured of concrete action. He has said that those responsible for the incident will not be spared. The Bangladesh government has also deployed paramilitary forces in 22 districts. The Indian Foreign Ministry is constantly concerned about this violence against Hindus and is in touch with the Government of Bangladesh. Because Hindus constitute about 10 percent of the population in Bangladesh. Between 2014 and 2015, the population of Hindus in Bangladesh has increased by about one percent.

Let us tell you that in 1951, when Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan, the number of Hindus in this area was 22% of the total population. In the 2011 census in Bangladesh, the population of Hindus was 8.4%, that is, the Hindu population had decreased here. But, a government data from Bangladesh said that in 2015 the Hindu population in the country was around 10.7%. Meaning once again the population of Hindus in Bangladesh has increased. Hindus have played a big role in the development of Bangladesh. But there have always been conspiracies against the Hindus of Bangladesh. Now it is expected that the alert government of Bangladesh will foil this conspiracy as well.

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